88 88 GLOVES Nitrile ESD Safe Textured Gloves Call: 1-800-537-0351 · Fax: 1-800-379-9903 Glove Texture These textured, powder-free blue nitrile gloves are 9" long and 5 mil thick. These ambidextrous gloves protect your hands from chemicals and petroleum. Feature 3x puncture resistance of vinyl or natural rubber latex gloves. Industrial grade gloves. · · · · · · · ESD-Safe 1010 ohms/sq. Resistivity Powder Free Puncture Resistant 9" Length 4mil Thick Color: Blue Priced per bag of 100 Item # Description 1+ GL679-S GL679-M GL679-L GL679-XL Small Gloves Medium Gloves Large Gloves Extra Large Gloves $ 7.14 7.14 7.14 7.14 Smooth Anti-Static Cleanroom Gloves Constructed of smooth anti-static vinyl for use in microelectronics, medical component manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and other cleanroom environments. With an ambidextrous design for easy donning, 4mil glove measures 9" in length. Meet class 1000-10000 cleanroom standards with a surface resistivity of 1 x 1010 ohms/sq. Packaged in quantities of 100. Color: White. Style Small Medium Large X-Large 1+ Cotton Inspection Gloves Use in sensitive work areas to protect products from contamination. Made of 100% premium Egyptian cotton. Glove is unhemmed. Priced per dozen pair Item # Description 1-49 GL500 GL501 GL520 GL521 Lightweight Men's $ 6.32 Lightweight Women's 6.00 Medium weight Men's 9.45 Medium weight Women's 9.03 Smooth Anti-Static GL199-S GL199-M GL199-L GL199-XL $ 4.55 Textured Anti-Static Cleanroom Gloves Constructed of anti-static latex to meet class 100 and above cleanroom standards for precision manufacturing, pharmaceutical research and other critical environments. Fully textured design provides superior grip for wet or dry applications. Ambidextrous with a beaded cuff for easy donning, 9" gloves feature a surface resistivity of 1 x 1011 ohms/sq. Packaged in quantities of 100. Color: Natural. ESD Knit Low Lint Gloves w/Sure Grip Reduce static build-up on glove surface with a volume surface resistivity of 1.35 x 1011 ohms/sq. Gloves feature a white PVC dotted non-slip grip palm and fingers for superior handling. Gloves are stretchable, lightweight and breathable and can be worn all day for improved performance in electronics assembly. Available in Small Priced per dozen pair and Large. Item # Description 1-5 GL6412 Small Dotted Gloves GL6413 Large Dotted Gloves $ 3.38 3.38 Style Small Medium Large X-Large Price Textured Anti-Static GL3200-S GL3200-M GL3200-L GL3200-XL $ 22.42 Touch `N Tuff Nitrile Gloves - Powder Free, Puncture Resistant NON-LATEX TOUCH 'N TUFF GLOVES set a new standard in comfort, durability, and quality for thin mil nitrile gloves. Although the gloves are just 4 mil thin, they provide three times the puncture resistance when tested against competitive natural latex and vinyl gloves. Made of 100% nitrile with no fillers, silicone or plasticizers that may contaminate your product. No latex proteins. Specify Size: S, M, L, XL Priced per box of 100 Item# Size 1+ ESD-Safe Nylon Lint Free Gloves Static control with conductive Belltron fiber (102-103 ohms/cm). Lint free, 100% filament yarns. After proper cleaning, less particulate than powder-free latex or vinyl gloves. Highly absorbent water affinitive Kanebo SLN nylon filament absorbs perspiration and enhances comfort. Reusable. Can be washed repeatedly without loss of anti-static and lint-free qualities. Cost-effective in comparison to disposable latex or vinyl gloves. Priced per dozen pair Item # Description 1-5 6-11 GL6458M-M GL6458M-L GL6458L-M GL6458L-L Men's, M Men's, L Ladies, M Ladies, L $ 4.03 $ 3.68 4.03 3.68 4.03 3.68 4.03 3.68 GL92 Touch `N Tuff Nitrile Gloves $ 11.35
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