86 86 HAND LOTIONS Static Free Hand Guard Call: 1-800-537-0351 I.C. Green Dissipative Hand Lotion · Fax: 1-800-379-9903 I. C. Hand Cleaner · Special formulation minimizes potential for static damage · Non-greasy formula contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E · Contains no lanolin, silicone or mineral oil that could inhibit solderability of printed circuit or components Item # 1+ C805 8 oz. Liquid $ 8.19 I.C. Blue ESD Lotion I.C. Green Dissipative lotion is enriched with Aloe Vera and vitamins A, D and E. This natural non-acidic, alcohol free moisturizer lotion helps achieve healthier, softer, younger looking hands and nails, while relieving skin chapping, irritation and sensitivity caused by regular use of latex and nitrile gloves or finger cots. A non-petroleum, non-contaminating, greaseless formula, it contains no glycerin, mineral oil, silicone or lanolin, absorbing immediately into the skin without interfering with your grip or dexterity. The I.C. Green is Lead-Free compliant. Item # Description 1+ A neutral, mildly cationic hand cleaner formulated for the electronic cleanroom environment. Non-acidic, contains no fatty materials, silicone, lanolin or mineral oil to cause contamination. Softens and protects skin while removing soils and contaminants. Item# Description 1+ ICL-8-GN 8 oz. Bottle ICL-32-GN 32 oz. w/Pump ICL-GALGN 1 Gallon $ 4.65 13.94 39.44 ICC-32 ICAS16ESD ICC-GAL 32 oz. w/Pump 16 oz. w/Sprayer Gallon $ 13.73 $ 7.98 $ 29.23 Staticide Hi Tech Hand Lotion Replenish the vital moisture on skin that is especially important to wrist strap performance. This static dissipative hand lotion is equipped to prevent and handle static discharge, especially in the electronics industry. Hi Tech Hand Lotion helps keep the skin moistened without risk of contamination. Assists in elimination of skin flakes in the cleanroom environment. Complies with DOD 1686A and DOD HDBK 263 Item # Description 1+ 12" ESD-Safe Nitrile-Xtra Gloves No contaminants to reduce the solderability of printed circuits. Specially formulated conditioner for rough or dry skin with no contaminating agents. Cosmetically formulated and enriched with natural moisturizers, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. soothes and relieves chapping, flaking, irritation and other skin sensitivities caused by use of latex gloves and finger cots. Absorbs immediately into the skin. Pleasant fragrance. The hand care lotion for assemblers and technicians. Formulated For The Electronic Environment · · · · Non-Contaminating Non-Acidic No Glycerin No Silicones Description 7001 7002 8 oz. Bottle Gallon Container $ 5.25 57.00 With an ambidextrous design and beaded cuffs, gloves are powder-free and constructed to minimize drying effects on skin while reducing the risk of Type-1 allergic reactions. Distinctive purple color provides easy identification. Packaged in quantities of 100. Thickness: 6mil. Length: 12". Resistivity: 1010 /sq. Style Small Medium Large X-Large 1+ Zero Charge Hand Lotion Features: · Improves Wrist and Heel Strap Contact · Contains No Silicone or Lanolin · Non-Contaminating · Non-Greasy This lotion contains natural products including aloe vera and vitamins A and E. A special blend of moisturizers penetrate rapidly leaving the skin soft and non-greasy. This anti-static formulation is designed to improve the contact between personnel and grounding devices such as wrist and heel straps. Does not contain silicone, lanolin, squalene or similar materials found in conventional hand lotions that can interfere with PCB manufacturing. 8 oz. plastic bottle with finger pump. Item # 1+ Nitrile-Xtra 50601 50602 50603 50604 $11.10 Safeskin ESD-Safe Gloves · · · · Greaseless Non-Petroleum No Mineral Oil No Lanolin $ 4.51 5.90 $ 10.40 $ 13.52 $ 38.46 3.68 1+ ICL8 ICL-8-ESD ICL16ESD ICL-32 ICL-GAL IC-PUMP Item# 8 oz. Bottle 8 oz. ESD Squeeze Bottle 16 oz. ESD w/Pump 32 oz. w/Pump 1 Gallon Pump for Gallon Find Thousands of Additional Products Online Designed for tasks requiring maximum dexterity, Safeskin blue nitrile gloves are static dissipative, powderfree and latex-free. Ideal for small parts handling, electronics or precision assembly, gloves are ambidextrous and feature a beaded cuff with textured fingertips. Packaged in quantities of 100. Thickness: 6mil. Length" 9 ½". Style Small Medium Large X-Large 1+ www.all-spec.com 1702-8FP 8 oz. ESD w/Pump $ 6.02 Safeskin Gloves 53101 53102 53103 53104 $11.97
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