85 Order Online: www.all-spec.com IONIZERS Critical Environment Overhead Ionizer 85 Aerostat Guardian Overhead Ionizer SI4063 SI8630 SI8729 The Guardian provides fast static charge decay over an entire work surface area producing an air volume from 150 to 300 CFM. Equipped with task lighting, an ionization indicator light, and an integrated heater, it offers user-friendly operation while effectively protecting even the most sensitive components from ESD damage. The Guardian measures 42¾" L x 4" H x 6¾" D, weighs 16 lbs, and is UL Listed. Call for NROO Features: EA complete · Inherently balanced to 0 + 5 V · Patented built-in emitter point cleaner spec sheets. · Integrated heater and task lights · Emitter points good for life of unit CL Uses corona DC ion technology to eliminate charges cleanly, quickly and reliably with rapid static charge neutralization. Meets Class 10 cleanroom standards. Fixed or variable speed fan options. Voltage output: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz. Air flow: 144 cfm/fan. Coverage area: 1'x5'. Item # Description 1+ 280-000 280-001 280-002 280-003 Two Fans, 32" Three Fans, 44" w/Speed Control, Two Fans, 32" w/Speed Control, Three Fans, 44" $772.68 892.06 772.68 892.06 This unit is also available in two cleanroom models, Guardian CR2000, and offers all of the above features as well as a Class 10 cleanroom rating, a lockout switch to prevent tampering, and ducts enclosing the ionizers. Aerostat Guardian Item # Description 1+ SI4063 Three Fan Overhead Ionizer 4005306 Overhead Ionizer, No Diffusers Overhead Ionizing Blower SIMCO's Aerostat FPD Ionizing Air Blower provides superior static neutralization over an entire surface area. The Aerostat FPD utilizes AC ionization technology and high flow fans to provide this enhanced performance. The airflow from the unit contains both positive and negative ions, enabling the neutralization of static charges wherever the airflow is directed. Features: · Inherent balance 0 ±5V · Built-in emitter point cleaner · Recessed fan speed control · Superior discharge times M CR2000 Guardian Cleanroom Item # Description 1+ Overhead AC Ionizing Blowers BFN-803 $ 883.60 883.60 SI8630 SI8729 3 Fan Unit, Coverage 2' x 4' 2 Fan Unit, Coverage 2' x 3' $ 935.30 794.30 Combines excellent ESD performance with user-friendly features to create a premier workstation solution. Provides a dense, well-balanced ionization current to deliver fast decay times with low offset voltages. Equipped with energy-efficient LED task lights to enhance efficiency, alleviate eye strain and conserve energy. Integrated emitter point cleaners, removable front and rear fan guards, and safety switches provide safe, easy maintenance. Operates at 120V. Stable ionization output: ±10V balance. Decay time: <3 seconds at 18", 1000V-100V. Item # Description 1+ BFN802 Two Fan Overhead Ionizer BFN803 Three Fan Overhead Ionizer $ 533.00 799.50 Item # Description 1+ 4011007 Aerostat FPD, 3-fan Ionizer $ 836.60 Chargebuster 3-Fan Overhead Ionizer Overhead AC Ionizing Blowers Features two 3-blade fans with steady state DC ionization. Covers 2' x 4' area. Consistant offset voltage (balance) ±10 volts and discharge times (<3 seconds) tested per ANSI/ESD S 3.1 Auto-feedback system with audible and visual alarm. Sealed plenum air flow prevents contamination to the work area. Includes: Chargebuster overhead ionizer, hanging kit, emitter point cleaners, power cord, certificate of calibration. 120VAC. Provides a coverage area of 2' x 5' via three 3-blade fans with steady state DC ionization. Features auto-feedback system with audible and visual alarm, power-coated housing with sealed bearing fans, and 120/220 VAC selectable input voltage. Sealed premium airflow prevents contamination. Consistent offset voltage of ± 10V and discharge time of <3 seconds tested per ANSI/ESD S 3.1. Includes hanging kit, emitter point cleaners, power cord, and NIST certificate of calibration. Item # Description 1+ Item # Description 1+ 60640 Chargebuster 24" Overhead Ionizer $ 785.90 60473 Chargebuster 3-Fan Overhead Ionizer $ 785.90
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