84 84 IONIZERS Top Gun Static Neutralizing Blow-Off Guns · · · · Electronically balanced to 0 + 15V Operates on compressed air or nitrogen Adjustable airflow control ( 5 to 100 PSI) Emitter point good for life of unit SIMCO's Top Gun is a high-performance ionizing air gun for electronics manufacturing and cleanroom applications. Balanced to 0 + 15V, the Top Gun features high blow-off force of up to 100 PSI to provide efficient cleaning and rapid static charge decay. The gun body is static dissipative, lightweight (less than 7 oz.) but durable and features a light-touch trigger. All control functions are built into the gun for easy operator use: airflow control, ion balance adjustment, and a two-level LED to indicate both power and ionization. The Top Gun features, Inherent balance, an emitter point good for the life of the unit, which allows for "Maintenance Free" operation. SI5105 Call: 1-800-537-0351 · Fax: 1-800-379-9903 Ionized Air Gun CL NROO EA M SI3259 Lightweight and easy to use, this ionized air gun releases a balanced stream of compressed ionized air for blowing contamination off any surface, including the most static sensitive items. The 3M brand 980 ionized air gun is selfbalancing and virtually maintenance free. The 980 air gun is a multi-component device that consists of a hand unit, an air hose and a mounting console which are all made of static dissipative, ESD-safe materials. The console can be mounted anywhere on the workstation for easy access. It connects to any supply of clean, dry air or nitrogen, and an internal, disposable filter collects particles from the air supply. Each unit includes a transformer that converts line power from a standard outlet (120v) to 24 volts. Using safe, low-voltage power allows for the use of much lighter wiring and components. The total weight of the ergonomically designed hand unit is only 12 oz. · · · · Hand Unit is 8" x 3" x 1" Consoles 8.5" x 3.0" x 1.6" Hand Unit weight is 12 oz with 7 ft. air hose Filter efficiency is 99.9% for 0.1 micron particle size Item # Description 1+ Top Gun Sidekick comes Hands-Free with a foot switch. Same specs as the Top Gun - but leaves hands free! The Sidekick's flexible gun neck feature frees the operator's hands during assembly and manufacturing processes. A foot pedal controls both ionization and airflow and the flexible gun mount allows the operator to focus the ionization airflow where it is needed. Includes a steel bracket for easy benchtop mounting, and operates on an air input of 5 - 100 PSI. Item # Description 1+ SI5105 SI6599 4006992 SI9245 5050696 Top Gun w/7' Cable/Hose Top Gun w/14' Cable/Hose Top gun w/7' Cable/Hose & Sidekick/Hands-Free Stand Sidekick w/Hands-Free Stand 2pk Filter/Nozzle Kit $ 747.30 756.70 827.20 827.20 62.00 Air Force Ionizing Air Gun Small ergonomic gun with light touch trigger and air hose features steady-state DC ion emission for an average discharge time of <1 second. IsoStat self-balancing technology means static charge is controlled with constant balanced ionization and no is calibration required. Strong blow-off power makes the AirForce gun effective in removing particle contamination and is ideal for use in clean process applications. Compact console is wallmountable. · Fast static discharge ±100V, 1 sec @ 6" (152mm) · Operates on air input of 20-65 psi · Console constructed of lightweight static dissipative plastic · Ergonomically designed gun reduces wrist fatigue · Cleanroom ISO Class 4 rated for cleanroom applications · Quick eject filter insures air is clean · Low audible noise · User replaceable emitter point cartridge for easy maintenance Item # Description 1+ 980 980E 980-F 980-T Ionized Air Gun ESD-Safe Ionized Air Gun Air Filter, 3/Carton Replacement Nozzle Tip $ 812.62 812.62 94.23 99.27 Ionizing Air Gun The IN6430 is a Ptec ionizing AC air gun with alarm indicator. The IN6430 ionizing air gun is easy to hold and operate, and simple to set up and use. Designed to protect most static sensitive devices, the IN6430 uses a specialized piezoceramic technology. Features: · Excellent tool for blowing particulate contamination off any surface · Releases a balanced stream of ionized air that neutralizes any static charge · Integrated air/power cable with strain relief · High frequency AC (68KHz) ion emission · Red output alarm illuminates to alert high voltage failure · Decay: 2 seconds at 12" · 120 V Item # Description 1+ 6115 6115-US 6115FLT Air Force Ionizing Air Gun w/ 7' Air Hose Air Force Ionizing Air Gun w/8' Air Hose & 120V Transformer Replacement Air Filter $ 705.00 752.00 80.00 IN6430 Ionizing Air Gun $ 650.00
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