82 82 IONIZERS ESD-Safe Ionizer Air Blower Call: 1-800-537-0351 Chargebuster Junior Benchtop Ionizer Designed to minimize benchtop space while maximizing neutralization efficiency and overall performance. Active feedback autobalancing circuit ensures and maintains ion balance (±15V). Features three-position rocker switch for two air velocity settings (high/low). Includes replaceable emitter cassette. Optional heater offers ambient plus 10° temperature for comfort. Calibrated to NIST traceable standards. Power consumption: 120VAC 50/60Hz with standard IEC cord set. Coverage area: 2'x4'. Item # Description 1+ · Fax: 1-800-379-9903 High Output Benchtop Ionizer Auto-balanced AC ionizer with fixed temperature heater maintains ion output with less recombination. Features high-volume adjustable airflow to a maximum of 117cfm, with gold-plated emitters to deliver consistent performance and longer life. May be used on benchtop or positioned for custom mounting. Includes grounding jack, power cord, cleaning brush, filter/guard assembly, and NIST certificate of calibration. Item # Description 1+ 19500 High Output Benchtop Ionizer $ 602.69 The ion-generation technology present in the 963 is capable of producing extremely large amounts of ions, resulting in nearly instantaneous static charge neutralization. The ionizer features a two-speed fan, a power indicator lamp, a static dissipative plastic housing, and a combination of metal-plastic stand that can also double as a mounting bracket. The 3M 963 is capable of reducing a static charge of 1000V to 100V in less than one second, at a foot distance, when tested at the high fan speed. · Maintains equal balance of positive/negative ions · 120V · 6"W x 7.4"H x 3"D Item # A60500 60466 60501 Junior Benchtop Ionizer Articulating Arm Accessory Benchtop Ionizer with Heater $ 473.66 225.35 682.31 High Output Benchtop Ionizer, Nist Calibration High output benchtop steady state DC ionizer calibrated to NIST traceable standards. Consistent offset voltage (balance) ±3% and discharge times (<1 second at 12") tested per ANSI/ESD S 3.1. Prevents contamination over 16" x 36" work area. Actibe balancing system with audible and visual alarms. 3-position fan speed: low, medium, high (50-100 CFM). Powder coated housing and multi-mount stand with sealed bearing fans. Field replaceable emitter pis for quick downtime. Includes ionizer, power cord, emitter point cleaner pack, certificate of calibration. 120/220 VAC input voltage selectable Item # Description 1+ Critical Environment Benchtop Steady-State DC Blower 963E Description Ionized Air Blower $ 442.25 1+ Mini Air Ionizer The model 960's compact size is ideal for providing pinpoint coverage at locations such as the typical ESD workstation, inside or on top of production equipment, or inside OEM equipment. It generates a well-balanced flow of ionized air particles, which neutralize any stray electrostatic buildup on a surface. Charges are dissipated in seconds and the possibility of a damaging electrostatic discharge event is minimized. Features of the ionizer include a steady-state DC ion emission for efficient ion delivery, intrinsically balanced shielded emitter points with no adjustment necessary, and it is UL/C - UL/CE marked for global acceptance. The blower size is 3" x 4" x 2" and includes the fan assembly, L-shaped mounting stand and power cable. It uses 24V AC power that can be supplied by the 3M 960X Wall Transformer. Item # Description 1+ For high technology manufacturing processed that require ionizer balance to be below ±5V and meet ISO Class 4 cleanliness. Uses corona DC ion technology to eliminate charges cleanly, quickly and reliably. Variable fan speed with 108 CFM air flow covers 1' x 5' area. ±3V offset voltages (balance). Table mount stand. Aluminum powder coat white chassis. Item # Description 1+ 60505 High Output Benchtop Ionizer, Nist Calibration $ 557.66 280-009 Critical Environment Benchtop Steady - State DC Blower $ 517.94 Ptec Personal Benchtop AC Ionizer Small, stable, quiet ionizer uses AC corona technology to provide an inherently balanced and stable output of +10 volts. A specialized piezoelectric high voltage transformer makes Ptec ionizers among the most reliable ionizers manufactured. They're designed to remain in balance and trigger an alarm when the HV output affects performance. Provides fast decay of static charges over 1' x 4' area or workstation. Durable, replaceable tungsten alloy emitter points. Includes 24V DC power supply. Item # Description 1+ 960 960X Mini Ionizer Wall Transformer $ 388.79 67.19 IN5110 Ptec Personal Benchtop AC Ionizer $ 377.00
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