81 Order Online: www.all-spec.com Resistance Meter T h e ACL390 meter gives the advantages of an expensive and cumbersome Megohmmeter at an economical price and a compact convenient size. Measures resistance to ground (RTG) and surface resistivity with a test range of 103 - 1012 ohms. Use the built in electrodes or the optional weight kit to comply with industry standards. Meter automatically generates 10V or 100V test voltage with results shown in multi-colored LED display. 1+ ESD TEST 81 Surface Resistivity Ground Meter Protects sensitive boards from overvoltage and electrostatic discharge, providing both audio and visual alarms in the event of electrical overstress (EOS). Measures voltage directly on the circuit board during assembly. Board is grounded when connected by alligator clip via a 1M resistor housed within monitor. Item # Description SCC-625 SRMETER Surface Resistivity Ground Meter SCC625NST SRMETER Surface Resistivity Ground Meter NIST Certified $ 256.86 319.36 Item # Description 1+ ACL390 ACL391 Resistance Meter Weight Kit $ 513.50 208.00 Digital Stat-Arc II Static Meter M282A Electrostatic Locator This completely selfcontained, highly accurate ACL unit answers three basic questions: 1) Is static present and Where? 2) How much static? 3) What is the polarity of the charge? Hand-held, it operates on a 9V battery. Measures from 0 to 30,000 V. Leather carry case has built in battery saver. Certified and calibrated to NIST-traceable standards. Item # Description 1+ Accuracy is unquestioned. Just hold the unit so that the LED beams converge. That means you're exactly the right distance from the target for readings up to 20kV. Zeroing is push-button simple. Its chopper-stabilized circuitry is immune to ionization. Range: +0-19.99 kV at 1 inch. Voltages of 20 kV and higher may be measured by increasing the distance to the target. ON/ZERO and HOLD/OFF controls. LOW BATTERY display. Analog output jack. 9V battery, included. 5 oz. with battery. Size: 2.4" x 4.2" x 0.9". Includes carrying case. M282CPS Charged Plate Adapter Allows the M282 Meter to be used to monitor the balance of ionization equipment, and also measure the neutralization performance of air ionization equipment. Both products M282 and M282CPS make up the COMPLETE KIT. Certified and calibrated to NIST-traceable standards. · Pulsing-beam range finder for correct readings · Drift-free accuracy even in ionized environments · HOLD button captures transient readings · Push-button zeroing Item # Description · Digital display M282A Digital Meter M282CPS Plate & Charger M282SET Complete Kit PC1604 9V Battery ability rated calib with NIST trace 1+ ACL300B Static Locator PC1604 9-volt Battery $ 427.50 1.73 M282CPS $ 495.00 415.00 910.00 1.73 Static Field Meter with Charge Plate Static Sensor & Air Ionizer Test Kit Easy to use, the hand-held 3M 718 Static Sensor is designed to measure static voltages on objects and surfaces arising from electrostatic charge buildups, and can help identify ESD trouble-spots. When used in conjunction with the model 718A Air Ionizer Test Kit, the 718 can also be used to verify the operation of air ionizers. Included with the static sensor is a ranging system consisting of two light-emitting diodes which emit a circular red light onto the surface being measured for static. Uses one 9V battery. · Measurement ranges: 0-2 kV Low Range 0-20 kV High Range · Small size, lightweight (4.5 oz), conductive plastic housing · Membrane switches for power, range/zero, and hold · Digital, LCD display · Measurements accurate to 5% 718 Static Sensor Simco's SI0723 field meter is a compact electrostatic fieldmeter used for locating and measuring static charges. Its pocket size makes it handy to use and four button operation makes it easy to operate. The SI0723 measures static voltages within +22kV (22,000V) at a distance of 1". Results are simultaneously displayed numerically and in bar graph format. POWER on/ off, ZERO adjustment, Ion Balance (IB) and HOLD are all push button operations. The HOLD button allows the display to retain the static charge reading. This is especially useful where display is difficult to see during measurement. Two LED guide ring lights help position the fieldmeter at the right distance from a charged test object. The conductive case and ground snap facilitate grounding for accurate measurement. The circuitry of the SI0723 has been designed to make measurements in areas using air ionization. Item # Description 1+ When used with the 718 Static Sensor, the 718A can provide periodic verification of air ionizer performance. The 718A consists of a charge plate and a charger. Uses one 9V battery. · Charger Output: Positive: 1250 V + 5% Negative: -1250 V + 5% · Charger: small size (1" x 3.1" x 4.25"), lightweight (6 oz) · Charge plate: size (3.25" x 1.25"), weight (2.5 oz) Item # Description 1+ 718A Air Ionizer Test Kit SI0723 Static Field Meter SI0723NST Static Field Meter, NIST Certified $ 587.50 662.70 718 Digital Meter 718NIST Digital Meter Certified NIST 718A Plate and Charger $ 606.01 709.49 266.51
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