80 80 ESD TEST ESD Event Meter State-of-the-art universal hand held instrument offers unmatched multifunction capability by measureing ESD events, EMI and RF signals all in one instrument. Features: · ESD sensor detects in HBM (human body model), CDM (charge device model) and MM (machine model) modes, verifies if ESD controls are functioning and identifies where ESD events occur. Tracks number and strength of events above set threshold. · Separates CDM events from non-ESD related EMI interface. · EMI sensor detects and measures transient signals causing interference with sensitive equipment. · RF signal detects reception of transmitted signals · Hand held size lets you easily take meter where it's needed. User-friendly touch screen and color display for ease of use. Memory card for data logging. Call: 1-800-537-0351 · Fax: 1-800-379-9903 Iron Man Plus Workstation Monitor Protects sensitive boards from overvoltage and electrostatic discharge, providing both audio and visual alarms in the event of electrical overstress (EOS). Measures voltage directly on the circuit board during assembly. Monitors wrist strap, operator and mat. Features a patented jack for dual operator wrist strap monitoring. Item # Description 1+ Event Meters Item # Description 1+ CTC331 EM Eye Meter w/ ESD & EMI Sensors EM Eye Meter w/ ESD Sensor EM Eye Meter w/ EMI Sensor EM Eyer Meter w/ RF Sensor $ 3950.26 3455.86 3455.86 3455.86 CTA212 625-021 625-011 625-012 625-013 Iron Man Plus Workstation Monitor Power Supply for Iron Man Plus 181.70 31.51 Additional Sensors Item# Description 1+ 625-001 625-002 625-003 ESD Sensor for Eye Meter EMI Sensor for Eye Meter RF Sensor for Eye Meter $ 852.25 $ 852.25 $ 852.25 701 Megohmmeter Analog Surface Resistance Test Kit, NIST Certified Use to measure RTG and RTT of shelves, garments and ESD-safe work surfaces. Ideal for periodic checks of installed products as part of an ANSI/ESD S20.20 Compliance Verification Plan. LED indicator lights: yellow - conductive, < 104, green - dissipative, 104 to 1011, red - insulative, > 1011. Kit includes: resistance meter, 9V alkaline battery, 2 shielded test leads, 2 5lb test weights / electrodes in plastic carrying case. Item # Description 1+ calib rated with NIST trace ability 19784 Analog Surface Resistance Test Kit, NIST Certified $ 613.96 calib rated with NIST ab trace ility For testing all conductive, antistatic, and static dissipative surfaces according to EOS/ESD, CECC, ANSI, AS and UL test procedures. Also measures relative humidity and temperature. Measurements - resistivity/resistance: 103 ­ 1012 ; relative humidity: 105 ­ 90%, temperature: 32°F - 100°F. Includes resistance meter, 2 5lb test weights, two parallel surface resistivity probes, ground clip, dissipative chair probe, and garment clamp in foam lined carrying case. This new Test Kit contains a user-friendly megohmmeter plus all of the necessary components to make testing mats and other surfaces simple and accurate. The controls are easy to use and understand, and the scales are both color-coded and numbered. Extremely light and compact. Kit Components: (1) 701 Megohmmeter (2) Test weights (5 lbs. each) (2) Test leads (10 ft. each) (1) Insulated bulldog clip (1) Alligator clip (1) Continuity test plate (2) Batteries (22.5V and 1.5V) (1) Operator's manual (1) Molded carrying case calib rated with NIST trace ability ADDED VALUE Also tests ESD Garments, ESD Chairs, Humidity & Temperature Item# Item# 1-9 RT1000 Description Megohmmeter $ 1140.00 1+ 701 701NIST Test Kit NIST Certified Kit $ 720.83 859.14
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