77 Order Online: www.all-spec.com ESD TEST Comprehensive tester features a proactive "Near-Fail" alert to warn of impending ESD grounding device failure. Split circuit design and molded foot plate offer simultaneous testing of ESD footwear. Or test heel grounders independently to specify whether left, right, or both heel grounders pass/fail. Also tests wrist straps. Preset with a broad test range (100k ~ 1G). Item # Description 1+ 77 Wrist Strap & Footwear Tester Shoe Electrode calibrated with NIS T traceab ility Deluxe "Near-Fail" Tester This stationary, wall mounted unit tests wrist straps, conductive shoes, heel grounding straps and toe grounding straps. Four different resistance levels can be selected separately for testing wrist straps and conductive footwear. By simply pressing on a metal contact plate, the wearer can quickly see whether the resistance of the strap system is within acceptable limits. A green LED will light to indicate that the strap system is OK. Two red LEDs separately indicate conditions above the selected resistance range or below 750K ohms. The 740 Tester is microprocessor-controlled and can interface with a computer or other controlling device such as an audible alarm. Comes with a multilingual instruction manual including a daily log sheet, a base unit, output connector, 3M Dual Lock wall mounting system and template, cover for wrist strap, plugin jack and a 24V AC/DC transformer (adapter supplied). Can be ordered certified to NIST traceable standards per MIL-STD-45662A. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks delivery for NIST version. 741 SHOE ELECTRODE To test footwear with the 740 Tester, the 741 Shoe Electrode accessory is required. It is a 1mm stainless steel plate with a molded plastic base. Size 20" x 16". 5 lbs. The 741 must be ordered separately. Item # Description 1+ PDT700M PDT700 PDT700K PDT78PV PDT78FP PDT78SD Combo Wrist Strap & Footwear Tester, Tester Only, 120V Combo Wrist Strap & Footwear Tester w/Foot Plate, 120V Combo Wrist Strap & Footwear Tester w/Floor Plate & Stand, 120V Periodic Verification Unit for Near-Fail Wrist Strap & Footwear Testers Footplate for Near-Fail Wrist Strap & Footwear Testers Floor Stand for Near-Fail Wrist Strap & Footwear Testers, No Foot Plate $ 351.00 682.50 921.38 325.00 247.00 247.00 Combo Wrist Strap/Footwear Tester 3M Wrist/Foot Strap Combo Tester 740 740NIST 741 Strap & Footwear Tester Tester Certified Shoe Electrode Steel Plate $ 454.60 561.46 111.93 Combo Wrist & Footwear Tester Combination tester with stainless steel foot plate and molded base tests path to ground and presence of inline 1M resistor. Features rocker switch and separate test circuits for wrist straps and foot grounders. Operates on 9V battery or optional 120/220 AC adapter. Test limits wrist strap: 750k ­ 10M; footwear: 750k ­ 100M. Item # Description 1+ 19250 19253 NIST-certified combination wrist strap and shoe tester measures resistance of wrist and foot straps simultaneously or individually. Stores results with included software for up to 5000 employees. Features dual path foot plate, toggle switch selector and software to generate multiple reports. Unit is compatible with all Windows systems. Operates on 9V battery (included). Lower limit: 500k and 750k. Upper limit: 2M ­ 100M. Combination Wrist Strap/ Footwear Tester Combination Wrist Strap/ Footwear Tester w/Foot Plate $ 250.32 347.92 3M SCC ComboTester is designed to check the resistance of wrist straps, heel grounders, and ESD shoes. It is self-supporting, standalone, and portable for easy use in manufacturing areas. The solid metal stand pole bolts to the base for strength. The AC adapter or 9-volt battery provides power. Combo Wrist Strap/Footwear Tester with LED Indicators Item # Description 1+ Tests wrist strap and footwear simultaneously and independently with split footplate design. Features solid state touch test button, adjustable pass ranges and LED light indicators (high fail, pass, low fail). Calibrated to NIST traceable standards. Wrist strap pass range: 750k ­ 10M. Footwear pass range: 750k ­ 35M. Item # Description 1+ CT8920 CT8900 Combo Wrist & Footwear Tester Kit w/Software & Wall Mount Combo Wrist & Footwear Tester Kit w/Software, Stand & Foot Plate 1125.75 1624.50 19278 19279 Combo Wrist Strap/Footwear $ 678.69 Tester w/Dual Foot Plate Combo Wrist Strap/Footwear 858.54 Tester w/Dual Foot Plate & Stand Features: · Indicates good resistance, high resistance, and low resistance · Stand alone wrist strap and foot grounder/shoe tester · Solid construction: Stainless steel base and solid metal pole · Meets ANSI/ESD S20.20 ESD Control Program Requirements · Connects to wrist strap by banana plug, clip, or 10mm snap · For wrist straps, heel grounders, and ESD shoes Item# COMBOTEST Description Wrist & Footwear Tester $ 341.19 1-3
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