75 Order Online: www.all-spec.com HEEL GROUNDERS High Visibility Heel Ground High visibility color offers easy verification that heel grounds are in place. 22" conductive carbon fiber grounding strip, wide cup to increase size of grounding path and 1 resister. Elastic hook and loop offers enhanced comfort. Strap color: Green. 2053 Item # 75 Conductive Heel Ground X-Large Shown Heel & Toe Grounders 2051 Outstanding Value! · Adjustable stretch velcro loop material for comfort · Lined heel cup · The wide heel cup is more flexible than most heel cup materials and provides a greater surface area for better floor contact · 1-megohm resistor Item # Description 1-36 GRD7087R With Resistor - Orange GRD708R2X X-Large w/Resistor - Green $ 5.07 6.52 GRD550R Heel Ground w/1 1/2" Cup GRD550RXL Heel Ground w/XL Cup GRD570R Non-Marking Heel Ground w/1 1/2" Cup GRD565R Non-Marking Heel Ground w/XL Cup Description $4.35 4.92 7.55 7.55 1-24 Easy-Lock Heel Ground Grounds personnel when they are in contact with conductive flooring. All models have elastic strap and a resistor. The 2056 is a non-marking heel grounder. Item # Description 1-24 Disposable Heel Ground Strap Disposable fabric heel grounder adheres to underside of shoe and provides continuity to any ESD-protected floor. Constructed of nonwoven polyester with carbon. Packaged in quantities of 100. Length: 12". Color: Yellow Item # Description 1+ · Lined heel cup · Secure buckle unlocks with one finger · Soft conductive tab with silver monofilament · Designed with comfort and ease of use in mind. · Conductive non-marking durable rubber Item # Description 1-36 Toe Ground 2053 2051 Toe Grd., 1 meg ohm Res. Shoe Grd., 1 meg ohm Res. $ 10.40 8.87 Heel Ground Economy Heel Strap $ 7.37 6.99 GRD4560 GRD444R GRD444 With Resistor No Resistor Disposable Heel Ground Strap $ 37.00 Cup Style Heel Grounder Conductive non-marking black rubber grounds personnel when in contact with conductive flooring. Adjusts easily for fit with velcro strap. Has 1-megohm resistor. Item # Description 1-24 25-49 Toe Ground Conductive non-marking black rubber, one piece construction. Adjusts easily for fit with velcro and D-ring. Conductive ribbon contact strip. The AS7089R has a 1-megohm resistor. Item # 2044 Cup style heel grounder features comfortable elastic fasteners and a durable, reversible three-layer sole for increased life. Designed to fit boots and cross-trainers, grounder incorporates a multi-strand 24" ground ribbon and 1 M resistor. Non-marking styles available as marked. Item # Description Color 1+ Economy Heel Strap $ 5.10 4.90 AS7089R Description With Resistor $ 7.60 1-23 6.80 24+ Heel Grounder w/ Velcro HGC1M HGC1MEC HGC1MECG NSHGC1M HGC1MN72B HGS1MDRED Economy Heel Ground Economy NonMarking Heel Ground Economy NonMarking Heel Ground Non-Marking Heel Ground Non-Marking Heel Ground w/1" Wide Cup Non-Marking Heel Ground w/1" Wide Cup & D-Ring Black Black $ 5.58 4.10 Discover Multiple Ways to Save! Green 3.56 Expandable and adjustable heel grounder with Velcro fastening system fits most shoe sizes comfortably and provides flex while walking. Features 30" nylon polyester grounding tab with eight conductive strands. Choose tear-resistant rubber or non-marking neoprene cup. Item # www.all-spec.com Follow us on: Description 1+ Blue Blue 6.41 5.86 Red 5.43 17200 17252 Heel Grounder w/Rubber Cup, Black/Blue Heel Grounder w/Neoprene Cup, Yellow/Blue $ 9.22 12.43
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