71 Order Online: www.all-spec.com Acrylic Conductive Paint This conductive formulation is a water based coating manufactured with high quality acrylic latex. Produced to meet or exceed NFPA Standard 99 and MIL-B-81705-B specifications for conductivity and static decay rates. Can be applied to any clean and dry surface to provide conductivity. Use on floors, bench tops, tote boxes, etc. Excellent wearability, detergent and stain resistance. Two coats are recommended for durable conductive wear. Coverage: 300-400 sq. ft/gal. Can be applied by brush, roller, or spray. Resistivity: 104 - 105 ohms/sq.in. Color: Grey, Black, Green, Maroon To specify color, add the numerical suffix to the part number: (-1) Grey, (-2) Black, (-3) Green, (-4) Maroon Item # Description 1-3 4-11 FLOOR FINISHES Dissipative Paint This dissipative floor paint is enhanced latex ideally formulated for the electronic manufacturing environment. This coating is not dependent on relative humidity to function properly. Warm water and detergent will remove dirt and debris from the paint surface. Resistivity: 106 - 108 ohm/sq Charge Decay: Less than .01 sec. Coverage: 300 - 400 sq. ft/gal. Color: Grey, Black, Green, Blue, White, Maroon, Yellow, Red To specify color, add the numerical suffix to the part number: (-1) Grey, (-2) Black, (-3) Green, (-5) Blue, (-6) White, (-7) Maroon, (-8) Yellow, (-9) Red Item # Description 1-3 4-11 71 ESD Paints Distributed exclusively by All-Spec CP100G CP100P PS5700 Gallon 5-Gallon Pail 1 Gallon Sealer/Primer $ 140.07 700.34 51.80 135.82 679.12 49.95 DP110G DP110P PS5700 Gallon $ 173.25 5-Gallon Pail 867.39 1 Gallon Sealer/Primer 51.80 168.00 841.10 49.95 Staticide Acrylic Static Dissipative Floor Finish Tough, easy to apply acrylic co-polymer formula controls static on any seald or hard surface. High gloss, slip resistant, lasts up to 12 months. Gallon covers up to 2200 sq. ft. Surface resistance: 108-109 ohms per sq. cm. Static Decay: 0.10 seconds. Charge generation: 100 volts or less. Item# Description 1-3 Staticide Concentrate Affordable and easy-to-use topical antistatic eliminates a host of static control problems in the electronics, textiles and plastics industries. Concentrated solution saves on freight, handling and storage costs, offers greater dilution flexibility, and is ideal for all office environments where electronic equipment is used. Can be applied as a spray, wipe, dip or transferred by roller, gravure or flexographic printing. Effective on virtually any material, solution is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable and non-staining. One gallon covers several thousand square feet. . Staticide Cleanroom Formula Economical, sodium-free and chloride-free formula eliminates static on floors, chairs, work surfaces, glass, plastics and other staticprone materials. Can be applied with a lint-free wipe or approved cleanroom mop for regular daily maintenance. Non-toxic and noncorrosive with no powdering or outgassing. Filtered to less than 0.5 microns. Suitable for use in Class 100 and above cleanrooms. Item # Description 1+ 4000-1 4000-5 4000-2 Gallon 5-Gal.Pail 54-Gal.Drum $ 50.75 243.60 2407.00 5001 1 Quart $ 20.63 Item # Description 1+ OHM Shield Floor Finish Apply over tiles or floor paint to protect and maintain surface. Low VOC formula. Protects electronic devices from damage. Slip resistant. Contains no formaldehyde, phythalates, alkalis, acids or ammonia. Non-flammable, biodegradable, low-odor. Surface Resistivity: 107 - 109 Ohm @ 100V Item # Description 1-3 4-11 Staticide Ultra Floor Finish 3000-Q 3000-G 1 Quart Staticide Concentrate 1 Gallon Staticide Concentrate $ 135.00 450.00 Economical, dries quickly with higher gloss. Superior abrasion performance last up to 24 months without buffing. Gallon covers 1500-2000 sq. ft. Staticide Ultra II Dissipative Floor Finish High-gloss acrylic floor finish revitalizes old ESD tiles and safeguards new specialized flooring investments. Provides electrical conductivity for static dissipative tiles while protecting against UV damage and shoe scuffs. Compatible with problematic plasticizers found in conductive and dissipative tiles and epoxy. Coverage: 1500 ­ 2000 sq. ft./gallon. Item # Description 1+ Item # Description 1-3 ACL4600-1 ACL4600-5 ACL4600-2 1 Gallon 5 Gallon 54 Gallon Drum $ 64.89 297.25 2863.75 AF-5500 AF-5505 AF-5555 Floor Finish, 1 Gallon $ 46.20 Floor Finish, 5 Gallon 212.80 Floor Finish, 55 Gallon 1988.00 44.55 205.20 1917.00 Staticide Anti-Static Cleaner/Restorer Concentrated biodegradable heavy-duty anti-static cleaner for dissipative floors and tiles. Formula lowers resistivity and returns floors to safe specifications. Gallon covers 1000-1500 sq. ft. OHM Shield Floor Neutralizer/Cleaner Safely cleans and removes dirt and black heel marks from ESD floors. Contains no formaldehyde, phythalates, alkalis, acids, ammonia or abrasives. Surface Resistivity: 107 - 109 Ohm @ 100V Item # 4800-1 4800-5 4800-2 Gallon 5 Gallon Pail 54 Gallon Drum $ 64.89 297.25 2863.75 Item# Description 1-3 ACL4100-1 ACL4100-5 ACL4100-2 Gallon 5-Gal. Pail 54-Gal. Drum $ 38.43 179.80 1631.25 Find Thousands of Additional Products Online www.all-spec.com FC-4500 FC-4505 Description Floor Cleaner, 1 Gallon Floor Cleaner, 5 Gallons $ 29.75 28.69 127.40 122.85 1-3 4-11
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