65 Order Online: www.all-spec.com Series CX - .125" ESD MATTING & FLOORING Conductive Tile 65 Series DS - .125" 2 Layer Dissipative Rubber Floor Mat Conductive Rigid Floor Mats EMIT100 Sierra Mats EMIT102 Made from 100% coextruded rubber, a rugged material that endures in harsh assembly environments. This durable floor mat can handle PCB truck and cart traffic without any curling, and will continue to lay flat. Resistant to chemicals, the mat will not peel or chip. Two-layer material consists of a dissipative upper layer and a lower conductive layer. Lightly textured grey top with speckles, low reflective finish and smooth black bottom layer. Worktop Kit includes ground cord and wrist strap assembly. ELECTRICAL PROPERTIES: · Dissipative top layer, 108 ohms/sq. · Conductive bottom layer,<105 ohms/sq. DS2001 DS44 DS4840 Item # Description EMIT101 Sierra Mats Sierra Mats Our CX Series black conductive mat is a low density semi-rigid polyethylene material that is made for ESD sensitive work areas where caster chairs are present. Recommended for hard floors but can be used on low pile carpet. · · · · .125" thick, low density polyethylene Surface Resistivity 103 - 105 ohm/sq Extremely durable, resists acids and alkali solutions Includes low profile ground cord Description Interlocking conductive tiles constructed of dense, heavyduty, hard rubber for durability. Easy to install, clean and maintain, tiles offer shock and noise absorption with a surface resistivity of 105-106 . Suitable for all hard surface floors and short pile carpet. Damaged pieces are easily replaced. For use with ground cord and/or copper grounding tape. Color: Black. Item # EMIT101 EMIT102 EMIT100 Description End Interlocking Tile Corner Interlocking Tile Center Interlocking Tile Size 2 sq ft 3 sq ft 4 sq ft 1+ $ 25.50 31.50 42.00 4' x 6' Floor Runner w/ grnd. cord $ 140.38 4' x 4' Floor Runner w/ grnd. cord 97.35 4' x 40' Roll (NO HARDWARE) 1012.50 1-5 Item # CX4872P 4' x 6' Rigid Mat $ 316.37 1-5 289.25 6-12 Series EM - 3-Layer Heavy Duty Dissipative Floor Mat - 3/8" Sierra EM3650G Heavy Duty Anti-Static Floor Matting is constructed with extremely dense dissipative vinyl for reliability and durability. This matting can be used on work surfaces and floors including short pile carpet. The 3-layer construction design allows effective static charge removal at a non-damaging flow rate, which will remain consistent throughout the life of the mat. Patterned surface ensures maximum static dissipative contact while providing slip protection. Heavy duty design is perfect for use under carts and chairs. Grounding cord not included. Available Color: Grey Sierra Mats 3-Layer Construction: · Top Surface: Abrasive resistent dissipative solid vinyl · Inner Layer: Conductive non-carbon mesh providing a reliable, consistent and rapid static charge grounding path · Bottom Layer: Abrasive resistent dissipative solid layer ELECTRICAL PROPERTIES: · RTT: 5x107ohms - 5x108 ohms · RTG: 5x107ohms - 5x108 Surface Texture Rolls Item # Size 1+ Layer View Dissipative Conductive EM3X50G EM4X50G EM6X50G 3' x 50' x 3/8" 4' x 50' x 3/8" 6' x 50' x 3/8" Size $ 1372.50 1830.00 2745.00 1+ Floor Mats Item # EM4X5G EM4X6G 4' x 5' x 3/8" 4' x 6' x 3/8" $ 208.30 248.30 Dissipative
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