62 62 MAGNIFIERS Call: 1-800-537-0351 · Fax: 1-800-379-9903 Watchmaker's Loupe Hastings Triplet Magnifier Handheld Magnifier These industry-standard lightweight glass magnifiers are available in a complete range of powers, from 4X ­ 10X magnification. All accommodate an optional headband accessory for hands-free operation and enhanced comfort. Item # 814173 814172 814171 814170 814113 814114 Watchmaker's Loupe with 4X Lens, 1" Diameter Watchmaker's Loupe with 5X Lens, 1" Diameter Watchmaker's Loupe with 7X Lens, 1" Diameter Watchmaker's Loupe with 10X Hastings and 1" Diameter Lens Watchmaker's Loupe with 10X Hastings, 5/8" Diameter Headband for Watchmaker's Loupe Description $ 10.81 10.81 10.81 12.80 45.46 7.79 1+ Truly the finest available, the Hastings Triplet Magnifier incorporates three separate lenses, bonded together to form a compound lens and provide a sharp, very distinct magnified image without distortion ­ even under 14 and 20 power magnification. The sides of the lenses are coated black to reduce glare. Swing-away, nickel-plated case protects lens and serves as a handle. Item # Versatile and suitable for multiple uses and applications, offers essential assistance in low light conditions. Compact size for convenient storage in a pocket, desk, briefcase or purse. Protective storage case included. 819013 is a folding lighted 2X magnifier with swing-out handle and protective storage case. Item # 816181 816175 816171 816168 Hastings Triplet Magnifier Hastings Triplet Magnifier Hastings Triplet Magnifier Hastings Triplet Magnifier Description Pocket 20X Pocket 14X Pocket 10X Pocket 7X $ 45.36 45.36 38.43 36.80 1+ 819013 819008 Folding Lighted Handheld 2X Magnifier, 4"x2" Compact Lighted Handheld 2X Magnifier, 2"x2" Description $ 19.45 7.79 1+ Double Lens Inspection Magnifier Classic Metal Eyeglass Loupe Hastings Triplet Measuring Magnifier A universal choice for precision work applications, the double lens inspection magnifier consists of two planoconvex lenses for a wide, flat field of view. Item # A staple in the quality optics industry, the Classic Metal Eyeglass Loupe is made with precision optical glass and is designed for a secure fit. Ideal for any kind of detail work, the loupe mounts easily to either side of eyeglasses and includes a Side-Shield Adapter Kit for use with safety glasses. Available magnification of 4X ­ 7X with a 1" diameter lens. Custom-fit storage case included. Available in single or double lens configurations. Item # 813476 Double Lens Inspection with 3.5X Magnification Description $ 33.61 1+ 814178 814127 814147 Eyeglass Loupe with 4X ­ 7X Double Lens Eyeglass Loupe with Single 4X Lens Eyeglass Loupe with Single 7X Lens Description $ 35.08 Item # 1+ The Hastings glass lens is adjustable for individual focus and provides a flat, distortion-free image. The transparent body allows illumination to fall on the magnified area. Includes a protective case to keep the magnifier damage-free even in harsh work environments. Scales sold separately. Description 1+ Magna-Visor with 6", 8" and 12" Interchangeable Lenses 27.29 27.29 813433 813435 Hastings 10X Measuring Magnifier Hastings 7X Measuring Magnifier $ 57.72 57.72 Non-Silicone Lens Cleaner Anti-fog anti-static lens cleaning fluid cleans dirt and grease residues from glass and plastic lenses. Can be used with all lens cleaning stations. Item # Description 1+ 69GM 8569GM 68GM 8574GM 8576 1 Gallon Bottle 16oz Bottle 16oz Bottle, Spray Pump Pre-Moistened Tissues, 100 per box Pre-Moistened Tissues, Individually Wrapped, 100 per box $ 17.31 3.04 3.99 11.86 15.97 Hands-free magnification visor with lightweight acrylic interchangeable lenses. Removable headband for easy cleaning. Able to be worn over standard or safety glasses. Adjustable to fit most head sizes. Includes: 6" lens with 2.6 magnification, 8" lens with 2.2 magnification, 12" lens with 1.8 magnification. Item # Description 1+ 814200 Magna-Visor w/ 6", 8" & 12" Interchangeable Lenses $ 35.79
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