61 Order Online: www.all-spec.com MAGNIFIERS 61 8MC Circline Illuminated Magnifier Series 8ML Flex-Arm Hi-Lighting Illuminated Magnifier Series 8ML-104 8MR · 6.75" x 4.25" Illuminated Magnifier Series 8MR-200 8MC-200 Circline Magnifiers uniformly illuminate irregular or uneven surfaces with a 22-watt circular florescent tube. The 5" diameter crown-optical glass lens is available in 3-diopter (1.75X) and 5-diopter (2.25X). An optional 8-diopter "Add-A-Lens" is available and can be used with the 3-diopter lens to form an 11-diopter viewing system. The 8MC2004X model offers a 16-diopter alternative. Polycarbonate plastic shield to cover the circline fluorescent tube ships standard with each unit. All 8MC models are ESD-safe. Add Suffix for Color Options: Black (B), White (W), Grey (G), Almond (A) (8MC2004X available in Black only) The 8ML-104, mounted on Dazor's Flex-Arm, features a high-quality glass lens not typical of comparable products in its price range. The standard 3-diopter, 5" lens produces sharp images over a wide viewing area while providing 75% magnification when held at a focal length of 13". An energy-efficient 13W compact fluorescent light source lasts up to 10,000 hours. Unlike the Circline magnifier, a light source is located behind the magnifying lens to create a shadowing effect, allowing details of uneven surfaces to "pop out", helping to define variations in surface depth. Units feature a flexible arm with a maximum reach of 30 inches that easily adjusts and remains in position, as well as an IV-pivot base that can be used with the desk clamp included. Color Choices: Black (B), White (W) ESD SAFE - Dove Grey (G) only. w/28" REACH Item # Diopter Base Lens Price All "Stretch-View" lenses are made of crystal-clear, crown-optical glass. The rectangular shaped magnifying lens "stretches" the 5" circular viewing area to 6.75". This wider viewing area under the ESD Safe lens allows for Dove Grey eyecomfortable vision with both eyes and also reducesOnly strain and fatigue. Visual scanning speed is increased because more surface area is magnified. The 3-diopter (1.75X) or 5-diopter (2.25X) lens measures 6.75" x 4.25". Dazor uses a powerful 18-watt compact fluorescent light source (included) to produce 220 foot-candles. Exact positioning of the light source behind the lens allows for a choice between even, shadow-free illumination or a hi-lighting effect. Color Choices: Black (B), White (W), Dove Grey (G) ESD-SAFE - Dove Grey (G) only. ESD SAFE Item # Reach Mount Diopter Price 8MC100 8MC150 8MC1005 8MC1505 3 3 5 5 3 3 5 5 16 Weighted Clamp Weighted Clamp Clamp None Clamp None Clamp 5" 5" 5" 5" 5" 5" 5" 5" 3" $ 250.74 214.20 250.74 214.20 214.20 204.12 214.20 204.12 282.24 Item # Reach Diopter Mount 1-6 w/42" REACH 8MC200 8MC300 8MC2005 8MC3005 8MC2004X 8ML104 8ML1045 30" 30" 3 5 Clamp Clamp $ 146.16 146.16 240-100 240-104 240-108 240-101 26" 26" 40" 26" 26" 50" 25" Desk Clamp Clamp Desk Desk Clamp Clamp 3 3 3 5 3 3 $ 312.48 278.46 278.46 312.48 289.80 257.04 144.48 ESD SAFE 8ML104EG 8ML1045EG 30" 30" 3 5 Clamp Clamp $ 171.36 171.36 STANDARD 8MR100 8MR200 240-120 WOLF ECOFLEX DIMMABLE LED BENCH LIGHT Illuminated 5" ProVue Magnifier This 5" diameter magnifier incorporates a 3-diopter or 8-diopter crystal clear lens for 360° distortion-free viewing. Includes 22-watt circline fluorescent bulb or highpowered LED lights for shadow-free illumination. Metal housing is mounted on a 45" spring-balanced arm with internal springs for greater durability, maintenance-free operation and a 35" reach. Bulb includes splash guard diffuser for additional protection. ProVue 26508-LDV features a touchsensitive, three-stage off/on and intensity control switch with 108 white LEDs and 72 UV LEDs. Standard unit operates at 115VAC and LED units operate at 110VAC or 220VAC. Includes mounting clamp. One-year warranty. Item # Description Diopter Price Mighty Mag Illuminated Magnifier The Mighty Mag features an extra large 3-diopter (1.75X) crystal-clear lens for distortion-free viewing with both eyes to reduce fatigue and strain. Includes twin side-mounted 9-watt fluorescent tubes or long-life LEDs to eliminate shadows and glare. Lightweight plastic housing is mounted to an internal springbalanced maintenance-free arm. Units operate at 115VAC and ship complete with mounting clamp and 5-foot, 2-wire cord. Grey color. 5 year warranty (except bulbs). AV26505E has AV26505E shown the same features as AV26505, except that the plastic housing is ESD-safe (surface resistivity of 106 - 109 ohms/square). Also features dual independently on/off switches for eliminating glare and shadows. Black color. Item # Description Color Reach Lens Price AV26501 26501-LED 26508-LED 26508-LDV 5" 5" 7" 7" Illuminated Illuminated Illuminated Illuminated Magnifier LED Magnifier LED Magnifier 3-Stage LED Touch Magnifier 3 8 8 8 $ 92.40 120.96 265.44 298.20 AV26505 AV26505E 26505-LED Illuminated Magnifier ESD-Safe Illuminated Magnifier LED Illuminated Magnifier Ivory Black White 35" 35" 32" 6"x7" 6"x7" 71/2"x63/16" $ 152.88 157.08 139.44
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