55 Order Online: www.all-spec.com MICROSCOPES 55 ESD-Safe 23mm Microscopes Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscopes 275-112 23711RB Stereo-zoom System 273 microscope designed for inspection and assembly applications in static-sensitive areas. Features: · Static dissipative powder-coated body and stand (105 ohms/sq) · 10X Eyepieces for extra wide field of view · Achromatic lens with anti-reflective coating for superior visual clarity · Configurable digital imaging system for image capture and storage · Dual boom ball bearing stad with 26" horizontal boom and 19.5" vertical boom · Magnification range up to 45X (4X-25X with included lens) · Variable Inclination Position (VIP) models designed for ergonomic comfort to prevent neck and muscle fatigue · Model 275-154 includes LED-3000 ring light for maximum light output and thorough inspection of surface cracks and defects Item # Description 1+ Designed to meet the demands of today's high-tech manufacturing environment, the Luxo 273 Series of microscopes meet the demands of rework and assembly technicians with a 7X to 45X magnification range and ergonomic features. These microscopes include a binocular stereo-zoom head assembly with a 23mm scope, and a choice between single or dual boom ball-bearing stands. A high quality achromatic lens with anti-reflective coating provides superior visual clarity. The ball-bearing design of the boomstand provides fluid horizontal extension for easy movements. The digital imaging system is configurable to allow capture of images for electronic communication or storage. Illumination Options: 23711 Series: Dimmable 150-watt Fiber Optic Illuminator with Ring Light 23712 Series: 17-watt Flourescent Ring Light 23727 Series: Dimmable Pure White 40 LED Ring Light Item # Description 1+ 275-145 275-112 275-153 275-154 Binocular Microscope Binocular Microscope w/LED Ring Light VIP Binocular Microscope VIP Binocular Microscope w/LED-3000 Ring Light $1610.00 1899.80 3146.40 3436.20 23711RB Microscope w/Dual Boom Stand & Fiber Optic Ring Light 23712RB Microscope w/Dual Boom Stand & Fluorescent Ring Light 23727RB Microscope w/Dual Boom Stand & LED Ring Light $ 2304.60 1784.80 2070.00 System 373 ESD-Safe Trinolcular Microscopes With a nearly eight-inch working distance (when used with optional 0.5X reducing lens), these offer a 15% greater field of view than comparable scopes. Designed for use in static-sensitive environments, System 373 ESD-Safe trinocular microscopes are powder-coated with static-dissipative metal-laced paint. Zoom adjustment is controlled with dual graduated side knobs. Featuring a 23mm optics system, 373 series microscopes include a dual boom ball-bearing stand with a 7X-45X magnification range. TRU trinocular model allows you to simultaneously view images onscreen and through eyepieces. Item # Description 1+ 275-146 275-147 275-149 275-151 275-148 275-150 Trinocular Microscope, Lighting Sold Separately Trinocular Microscope with Dimmable LED Ring Light and Camera Trinocular Microscope with Fiber Optic Ring Light and Camera TRU Trinocular Microscope, Lighting Sold Separately TRU Trinocular Microscope with Dimmable LED Ring Light and Camera TRU Trinocular Microscope with Fiber Optic Ring Light and Camera $ 1932.00 4029.60 3997.40 2024.00 4121.60 4089.40
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