54 54 MICROSCOPES Stereo Zoom Microscopes These ESD-safe stereo-zoom microscopes provide clear, crisp images, excellent focal depth and three-dimensional viewing with a quick turn of the zoom knob. Includes a superior ball bearing or laboratory stand for precise and easy movement. Features: · Magnification of 3.5x - 255x or 7x - 45x · Ball bearing stand · .7 - 4.5x Metal Pod · .5 Auxillary lens included · 90mm working distance · Protective eyeguards · Superb extra large (22mm) 10X eyepieces · · · · · · · Parfocal zoom Excellent coated prism optics 45° eyepieces Excellent resolution Metal body for ESD safety Interpupil diopter adjustment Available magnification range of 2.1-225X Call: 1-800-537-0351 · Fax: 1-800-379-9903 Available with three different light sources: Fluorescent Illuminator, Annular Illuminator, or Dual Point Illuminator. The fluorescent illuminator simulates natural white daylight and provides 360o shadow-free illumination. The annular illuminator ring light produces 3200oK of intense, flicker-free white light to provide uniform illumination and fatigue-free working. The dual point illuminator is a fiber optic light source with dual light guides that allows full freedom for hand movement underneath and easy movement of the light for difficult to see areas. TKSZ-LV2 Item# Base Illumination Range 1+ TKSZ-D TKSZ-F TKSZ-A TKSZLV2 TKSZ-LF Stereo-Zoom Microscope w/Boom Stand Stereo-Zoom Microscope w/Boom Stand Stereo-Zoom Microscope w/Boom Stand Stereo-Zoom Microscope w/Boom Stand Lab Style Stereo-Zoom Microscope Fiber Optic Fluorescent Fiber Optic Dual Point LED Ring Fluorescent 3.5X ­ 255X 7X ­ 45X 3.5X ­ 255X 7X ­ 45X 7X ­ 45X $ 2065.50 1660.50 2110.50 1795.50 895.50 Meiji Microscopes With rugged, high-quality all-metal construction designed to last a lifetime, these ESD-safe models feature a standard magnification range of 7-45X, with the capacity to achieve 225X using optional accessories. Includes 10X eyepieces (pair) with receptacle mount. Focusing arm can be rotated a full 360° and locked into any position. Features ergonomically positioned bilateral zoom controls, with binocular eye tubes inclined at 45° for fatigue-free viewing. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Features: · Dual ball bearing base with 16" vertical post · Extra-wide field 10x eyepiece pair with reticule mount · 0.5X auxiliary objective lens · Optional fiber optic, LED or fluorescent ring light · Operates at 120V Item# Description Light 1+ MEIJI TKMZ TKMZ-L TKMZA TKMZ-LV2 TKMZ-F Stereo Zoom Microscope with Dual Boom Stand Stereo Zoom Microscope with Lab Stand Stereo Zoom Microscope with Boom Stand Stereo Zoom Binocular with Dual Arm Base Stereo-Zoom Microscope with Boom Stand None None Fiber Optic Ring Dimmable LED Ring Fluorescent Ring $ 2380.80 1718.40 3048.00 2712.00 2568.00 TKDPZT-FA-A Ergo-Zoom Ergo-Zoom microscopes are the new standard in production microscopy. Featuring Common Main Objective optical design, these ESD-safe microscopes allow for a flatter field of view and larger, clearer depth of field, with magnification of 8-50X up to 200X with included options. All models feature a 0-35° ergonomically adjustable eyepiece and include a dimmable LED ring light for shadow-free viewing. Ideal for a wide range of applications including electronic production and medical manufacturing, the Ergo-Zoom offers a higher-performance, lower cost unit with superior functionality and features to similar models. Features: · Dual ball bearing base with 20" vertical post · Wide-focus, large diameter 10X eyepiece pair · 0.5X auxiliary objective lens · Standard dimmable LED ring light · Operates at 120V Item# Description Range 1+ 269-000 269-001 269-002 Stereo Zoom Microscope with Dual Arm Base Stereo Zoom Microscope with Dual Arm Base Stereo Zoom Microscope with Dual Arm Base 8-50X 8-64X 8-80X $ 3865.50 4225.50 4945.50
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