52 52 PRINTERS & LABELS Call: 1-800-537-0351 · Fax: 1-800-379-9903 LABELShop Portable Label and Bar Code Printer LABELShop 2012XLST Label & Heat Shrink Printer Complete kit includes 2011XLB LABELshop printer which features snap-in cartridges that conveniently load from the top, auto-cut or continuous printing selections, ability to print 14 fonts on 6 label sizes from 1/6" to 1", 6 bar code formats, and a QWERTY style keyboard for easy entry. Also includes MaxiLabel Pro Version 3.0 software for Windows which puts a wide range of design tools at your fingertips. You'll get pre-set wizards to speed you through label design; create labels with pictographs, shapes and bar codes; save and re-use previous designs; and import logos, symbols and images from outside sources. Kit also contains one 224BW black on white tape cartridge, tape liner cutter tool, owners manual, 6 AA batteries, and LSAD-3 115/240V AC adapter. 3 year warranty The K-Sun LABELShop 2012XLST is a portable, affordable heat shrink tube, wire wrap, and professional label printer all in one unit. Prints on polyolefin heat shrink tube and polyester wire and cable wrap materials and industrial polyester adhesive-backed tapes. Printer runs on 6-AA batteries (included) or AC power adapter (included) that meets new California Electrical Energy Reduction requirements effective 1 July 2006. The 2012XLST features a larger QWERTY style keyboard and bigger LCD display panel for easier text and number entry and visual editing. Contains industrial symbols library, 14 fonts, 6-Bar Code formats, automatic power off, 8-lines of text or numbers and memory back up. Print quality is 180 dpi thermal transfer imaging for all-weather durability on heat shrink tube, wire wrap or professional labels. Printer includes the new PeelGuard Label Trimmer option. This built-in device rounds label corners ondemand providing greater peeling protection and more professional looking labels. The LABELShop 2012XLST includes: Heat Shrink Tube Printer, 2 Tape Cartridges, AC Adapter, 6-AA Batteries, Case, Tape Cutter, and Owner's Manual. The LABELShop 2012XLSTPC has all the same features as the 2012XLST and includes the MaxiLabel Pro Labeling Software. When connected to a laptop or PC, new user friendly MaxiLabel Pro Software creates the ultimate labeling experience. Users can use their large keyboard and screen monitors to quickly and easily import logos, graphics, symbols, and more into label designs. Or, the 2012XLSTP can disconnect and be taken out to the job site. The 2012XLSTPC includes: 2012XLST-PC Thermal Transfer Printer, MaxiLabel Pro Software, USB Cable, AC Adapter, 2 Tape Cartridges, Quick Start Guide, Owner's Manual, (6) AA Batteries, Tape Cutter, and Industrial Case. Item # Description 1-9 Item # Description 1-9 2011XLBPC 2011XLB LABELShop Portable Label & Bar Code Printer w/ PC Software & Adaptor LABELShop Portable Label & Bar Code Printer $ 291.85 226.85 2012XLST 2012XLSTP PC1500 LABELShop 2012XLST Label & Heat Shrink Printer LABELShop Label Maker w/ PC Software AA Battery $ 259.35 324.35 1+ 0.47 Labeling Tape Cartridges for LABELShop Printers These LABELShop tape cartridges allow you to create your own custom adhesive-backed labels on the job for all your storage and inventory marking, signs and warnings, equipment and tool ID, as well as hundreds of other applications in the plant, hospital, warehouse, office, lab or field. For use with 2011XLB, 2011XLBPC, 2012XLST, 2012XLSTP & BEE3. Specify color by adding the following extensions to your part number when ordering (ex: 206BY). -BW (Black on White), -BY (Black on Yellow), -WB (White on Black), -BG (Black on Green), -BB (Black on Blue), -BR (Black on Red), -BC (Black on Clear). BLACK on White BLACK on Green BLACK on Clear BLACK on Yellow BLACK on Blue WHITE on Black BLACK on Red Heat Shrink Tube Cartridges for LABELShop 2012XLST & BEE3 Label Printers Use these heat shrink tube cartridges with the LABELShop 2012XLST Label Printer to create professional looking heat shrink tube markers for dozens of applications. Just print to the polyolefin heat shrink tube material, slide the shrink tube sleeve over the wire or cable and shrink it using a heat gun. It's the perfect solution for tube, wire, cable, hose, conduit, and cord identification with custom shrink tube material. BLACK on White BLACK on Yellow BLACK on Red 1-9 *BEE3 accepts 203 & 205 Heat Shrink Tubes only Item # Size (I.D. x L) Ink on Tube 203STBW 203STBY 205STBW 205STBR 205STBY 208STBW 208STBY 210STBW 211STBW 211STBR 211STBY 1/8" x 96" 1/8" x 96" 3/16" x 96" 3/16" x 96" 3/16" x 96" 1/4" x 96" 1/4" x 96" 3/8" x 96" 1/2" x 96" 1/2" x 96" 1/2" x 96" Black on White Black on Yellow Black on White Black on Red Black on Yellow Black on White Black on Yellow Black on White Black on White Black on Red Black on Yellow $ 27.91 27.91 27.91 27.91 27.91 30.54 30.54 35.79 35.79 35.79 35.79 *BEE3 accepts up to 3/4" Tapes only Item # Description 1-9 More color choices available online at www.all-spec.com 206 209 212 218 224 1/4" x 26' 3/8" x 26' 1/2" x 26' 3/4" x 26' 1" x 26' $ 16.17 16.17 16.17 19.27 19.27
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