45 Order Online: www.all-spec.com ECO-Friendly Cleanroom Wipes Flat Wipes WIPES R E N E W 45 TechClean Wipes 1610-50PK Features / Benefits: · Recommended for IOS 14644-1 Class 5 or higher cleanrooms, Class 100 qualified · Lint-free, made with USA grown cotton · Biodegradable and sustainable · High absorency - 6 times it's weight · Low chemical extractables · Ideal for stencil cleaning Item # Description 1+ 2340-100 9" x 9" Biodegradable Wipes 100/pk $ 21.07 Micro Care's flat wipes are rugged, nonwoven paper that easily absorbs excess solvent, fluxes, solder paste, grease and oils. Almost impossible to tear. Never leaves lint, even on through-hole boards. ESDsafe when wet. 50 sheets per pack. MCCW66 are 6" x 6" MCCW12 are 16" x 12" Item# Description 1+ TechClean Wipes 1610-100 Excellent for tape head cleaning and removal of fluxes, light oils, polar soils, and white mineral residue, wipes are presaturated with 99.8+% pure anhydrous isopropyl alcohol. Rapidly evaporating solution leaves zero residue. Safe for use on plastics. Item # MCCW66 MCCW12 6" x 6" Flat Wipes 16" x 12" Flat Wipes $ 8.01 18.59 Stencil Wipes Specifically designed for cleanroom maintenance, this hydroentangled cellulose/polyester wipe has high absorbency with extra low particulate and chemical extractables. Features / Benefits: · Purer Cleaning · Non-Raveling · Lint and Particle Free · Non-Abrasive Item # 1610-50PK Presaturated IPA Wipes, Pack of 50 1610-100 Presaturated IPA Wipes, Container of 100 Description $ 19.64 23.48 1+ 2350-100 Description 9" x 9" TechClean Wipes 100/pk $ 18.87 1+ 70% IPA Presaturated Stencil Wipes Easy-to-use stencil wipes are presaturated with ultrapure mixture of 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% deionized water. Designed for strength and durability, wipes feature high absorbency and liquid retention and will not tear, shred, unravel or lint. Sold in quantities of 100 in a 6" x 9" tub. The best selling tub wipe: powerful, versatile and yet economically priced. Ideal for cleaning rosin and most "no clean" solder paste from precision SMT stencils. Versatile, low aroma, good tack time. Pleasant, mildly sweet aroma with excellent toxicity ratings. Medium drying. Static-safe. Flammable. Mil-spec approved. Biodegradable, ozone-safe and 100 sheets per pail plastic-safe. Item# Description 1+ Lint-Free Heavy Duty Wipes Heavy-duty lint-free wipes are ideal for a range of purposes from daily cleaning to ESD-safe environments. Recommended for application of general purpose and heavy-duty Staticide products. Made with industrial-strength Sontara spunlace fabric for superior absorbency and exceptional durability. MCCPROW 8" x 5" Stencil Wipes $ 19.43 Economy Wipes This low-cost stencil wipe easily lifts away all types of solder paste, particularly OA and "no clean" pastes. However, the product is not a highly active cleaner and is limited to the less complex applications. Modest aroma, medium- to slow-drying. Very good toxicity ratings. Static-safe. Flammable. Mil-spec approved. Biodegradeable, ozone-safe and 100 sheets per pail plastic safe. Item# Description 1+ Item # SIP100P Description Presaturated Stencil Wipes $ 25.25 1+ Item # LF-50 Description Lint-Free Heavy Duty Wipes, Pack of 50 $ 25.13 1+ MCCMLCW 8" x 5" Economy Wipes $ 17.06 Poly-Wipes Econowipes Cleanroom Chamois Wipes Durable polyester cleanroom wipes deliver the lowest levels of total contamination for applications where lint can affect quality. Designed with micro-sealed edges to reduce lint pollution, wipes are compatible with most solvents including isopropyl alcohol, Freon TF, methanol, ketones, and most acids and weak bases. Packaged in a Class 10 environment. CO6209 9" x 9" Light Weight CO6259 9" x 9" Heavy Weight Item # Description Economical cleanroom utility wipes are constructed of a balanced blend of cellulose and nonwoven polyester to deliver high absorbency, strength and cleanliness. Engineered for general purpose wiping in controlled environments, with excellent solvent and diluted acid resistance. Packaged in a Class 100 environment. CO6704 4" x 4" CO6709 9" x 9" Item # Description 150/bag 150/bag Qty $ 62.04 75.15 1+ 1200/bag 300/bag Qty $ 32.49 32.49 1+ Super-absorbent, patented microfiber wipes entrap submicron particles and provide the most thorough removal of all solvents and contaminants. Micro-sealed edges offer maximum usable wipe area with minimal particulation. Compatible with most acids and common solvents, weak bases, alcohols and ketones. Replaces 2-4 standard polyester wipes. Superior strength allows for laundering and reuse. Processed in Class M1 cleanrooms. Item # CO7348LE 8" x 8" Description 50/bag Qty $ 129.18 1+
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