43 Order Online: www.all-spec.com WIPES 43 Hydroentangled polyester wipes provide excellent absorption and prevent abrasion with a soft, durable surface. Ideal for cleaning precision assembly components and sensitive surfaces. Minimize cleanroom contamination with ultra-low levels of particles and extractables. Solventsafe Bag-Within-A-Bag cleanroom packaging. Item # Absorbond Cleanroom Wipes Cleanroom All-Purpose Cotton Wipes Strong and highly absorbent, 100% cotton wiper is woven in a twill pattern to trap and remove contaminates from cleaned surfaces. High-quality long-stable cotton fibers reduce lint, particles and extractables. Edges cut at 45° angle to reduce release of fibers. Surface texture, strength, heat resistance, absorbency and inherent anti-static characteristics are uniform from 50-60% relative humidity. Suitable for a wide range of critical applications. TX304 TX306 TX309 TX312 Item # Size TechniCloth Cleanroom Nonwoven Wipes For use on aqueous spills, precision lab equipment or applications where high absorbency and low extractables are prime considerations. Hydroentangled non-woven blend of 55% cellulose and 45% polyester features excellent wet/dry strength. Solvent-safe Bag-WithinA-Bag cleanroom packaging decreases risk of contamination. TechniCloth II wipers feature proprietary ultra-low particle treatment for significantly lower particle generation. Item # TX404 TX409 Size 4" x 4" 9" x 9" Quantity 1200/pk 300/pk $ 53.06 47.26 1+ Alpha Cleanroom Wipes 100% continuous-filament polyester wipers for general use in critical environments. Prevent cleanroom contamination with ultra-low levels of ions and extractables. Resist abrasion under rigorous use or when wiping rough surfaces. Fully sealed border prevents fiber release. 4" x 4" 6" x 6" 9" x 9" 12" x 12" Quantity 1200/pk 600/pk 300/pk 300/pk $ 103.59 95.19 92.05 97.98 1+ TX604 PolySat 70% IPA Cleanroom Wipes TX606 TX609 TX612 TX1109 Item # TX1012 Alpha Double-Knit Wipers, 12" x 12" TX1008 AlphaLite Lightweight Wipers, 9" x 9" TX1004 AlphaWipe HighAbsorbency Wipers, 4" x 4" TX1009 AlphaWipe HighAbsorbency Wipers, 9" x 9"(Bulk Pack) TX1009B AlphaWipe HighAbsorbency Wipers, 9" x 9" (Neat Stack) TX1003 AlphaWipe High Absorbency Wipers, 11" x 12" TX1013 AlphaWipe High Absorbency Wipers, 12" x 12" TX1025 AlphaWipe High Absorbency Wipers/ Mop Covers 24" x 44" TX1039 AlphaWipe PreWetted 70% IPA Wipers, 9" x 9" Description 100/pk Quantity $ 81.35 35.67 44.78 38.29 30.51 111.40 45.18 90.97 44.94 1+ 150/pk 300/pk 150/pk 150/pk 250/pk 75/pk 25/pk 50/pk Pre-wetted polypropylene wiper is ideal for cleaning sensitive surfaces or small spaces like confined work areas. Suitable for food processing areas. Low particle generation and low levels of solvent extractables. Includes durable and refillable polypropylene case with secure tabs. Item # TX1112 TechniCloth Wipers, 4" x 4" TechniCloth Wipers, 6" x 6" TechniCloth Wipers, 9" x 9" TechniCloth Wipers, 12" x 12" TechniCloth II Wipers, 9" x 9" TechniCloth II Wipers, 12" x 12" Description Quantity 1200/bag 600/bag 300/bag 150/bag 300/pk 150/pk $ 25.24 25.24 16.94 17.33 24.88 24.82 1+ TX8727 TX8723 TX1040 TX1051 Size 6" x 11" 6" x 11" 7" x 11" 9" x 11" Quantity 75/pk 1800/case 200/pk 50/pk $ 8.02 178.87 24.94 12.99 1+ TechniSat Cleanroom 6% IPA Wipes SolvSat Cleanroom Wiper/Canister System Controlled delivery for pre-wetted wipers provides the right amount of solvent for manual cleaning operations. Pouch-within-a-canister system is designed for ease of use in production environments to replace squirt bottles, wipers, and shop rags. Minimizes worker exposure to hazardous vapors. Non-exportable. Size: 6" x 9". Quantity: 100/pouch with canister. TX8347 SolvSat 99.5% IPA Wiper/ Canister System TX8348 SolvSat 94.5% MPK Wiper/ Canister System TX8344 SolvSat 99.9% Toluene Wiper/ Canister System TX8346 SolvSat 99.5% Acetone Wiper/ Canister System Item # Description Faster and more efficient than dry rags and squirt bottles, wipers optimize alcohol usage, reduce spill potential and minimize VOCs. Ideal for wiping items during cleanroom construction phase. Nonwoven 55% cellulose/45% polyester blend wiper is pre-wetted with IPA and de-ionized water solution. Convenient zippered pouch closure reduces solvent evaporation. Item # SolvSat Cleanroom Wiper/Canister System A revolution in contamination control based on four decades of innovation in cleanroom wipers, Vertex sets a new industry standard. Roll2Bag fully-automated manufacturing process removes all associated manual handling risks. Specially developed wipers are designed for performance over a range of applications and settings. High Sorption Wipers combine softness with high sorptive capacity. High Durability Wipers deliver sorption and abrasion resistance. Microdenier Wipers provide extra softness for delicate surfaces. TX1048 1+ $ 24.64 25.56 26.49 26.36 TX8488 TX1045 TX1065 TechniSat 6% IPA PreWetted Gowning Room Wipes, 5" x 8" TechniSat 6% IPA PreWetted Wipers, 9" x 11" TechniSat 70% IPA PreWetted Wipers, 6" x 8" TechniSat 70% IPA PreWetted Wipers, 9" x 11" Description 210/pk 300/pk 100/pk 50/pk Quantity $ 22.97 47.55 25.81 17.08 1+ TX49 TX49P TX42 TX42P TX29 TX22 TX59 Item # Description Vertex High Sorption Wipers, 9" x 9" Laser Edge Vertex High Sorption 70% IPA Pre-Wetted Wipers, 9" x 9" Vertex High Sorption Wipers, 12" x 12" Laser Edge Vertex High Sorption 70% IPA Pre-Wetted Wipers, 12" x 12" Vertex High Durability Wipers, 9" x 9" Laser Edge Vertex High Durability Wipers, 12" x 12" Laser Edge Vertex Microdenier Wipers, 9" x 9" Sealed-Edge Quantity 150/pk 75/pk 100/pk 50/pk 150/pk 100/pk 100/pk $ 51.29 37.45 49.50 39.93 49.21 46.85 86.80 1+
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