32 32 ADHESIVES Call: 1-800-537-0351 · Fax: 1-800-379-9903 Epoxy Adhesives The Hysol line contains products designed to outperform the competition, with better adhesion and flow, less odor, improved clarity, higher strength, and greater durability. Black Max Instant Adhesive 380 The original elastomer-modified lowviscosity instant adhesive. Bonds metal, rubber and plastic with excellent peel, impact and shear strength and gap fill of .006". Designed for close-fitting parts and for bonding metal, rubber and select plastics with a temperature range of -65°F to 225°F. Hardens at 90 seconds with full cure at room temperature within 24 hours. Tensile shear strength: 3,750. Item # Description 1+ Prism 454 Adhesive A general purpose, no-run clear gel. Can be applied to vertical surfaces. Excellent for almost all surfaces. Ideal for porous substrates and rough and acidic surfaces. Used for bonding porous, absorbent, or acidic surfaces. Item # Description 1+ 45440 20 Gram Tube $ 19.42 38004 38050 3 Gram Tube 1 oz. Bottle $ 4.90 25.42 Prism 460 Low Odor Adhesive Low odor and low blooming properties make it particularly suitable for applications where vapor control is difficult. With a 30 second set time and 24 hour full cure, adhesive offers rapid bonding of a wide range of materials, including wood, paper, leather and fabric. Low viscosity with a temperature range of -65°F to 180°F. Gap fill: .005". Shear strength: 3500 psi. Item # Description 1+ Hysol Adhesive E-00CL A clear, flowable, fast-setting epoxy with a 5-minute worklife. Shear strength (psi.) 2000-4000. Item # Description 1+ 401 Surface Insensitive Intant Adhesive Low viscosity general purpose adhesive for difficult-to-bond surfaces. Gap Fill: .005". Viscosity cP: 110 Tensile Shear Strength: 3,200. Temperature Range: -65°F to 180°F. Cure Speed: Fixture - 15 sec., Full - 24 hrs. Prism 29289 50 ml Dual Cartridge $ 13.16 Hysol Adhesive E-120HP An amber, non-sag, aerospace grade epoxy with a 120-minute worklife. Item # Description 1+ 46040 20 Gram Bottle 22.27 29353 50 ml Dual Syringe $ 13.16 Item # Description 1+ Super Bonder 495 40104 40140 3 Gram Tube 20 Gram Tube $ 4.56 $ 18.41 Super Bonder 495 is designed to bond rubber, metal, and plastic parts with gaps to .004". Hysol Adhesive 608 High-strength, clear, fast-setting dual component epoxy adhesive is ideal for bonding metals and plastics where optical clarity and fast cure rates are required. Item # Description 1+ 404 Quick Set Adhesive Clear, general purpose, quick set adhesive designed for general maintenance and repair. .005" gap fill and temperature range of -65°F to 180°F. Excellent for bonding rubber and frequently used for rubber O-ring bonding. Sets at 30 seconds with full cure at 24 hours. Shear strength: 3500 psi. Viscosity: 80 (cP). Mil Spec: Mil-A-46050C Type II Class II. 83082 2.8 oz. Epoxy Kit $ 12.30 Hysol Adhesive 0151 Dual component thixotropic epoxy paste is used for general bonding of glass, metals, circuit boards, fiber optics and many plastics. Item # Description 1+ Item # Description 1+ 83176 3.3 oz. Epoxy Kit $ 9.50 49504 49550 3 Gram Tube 1 oz. Bottle 3.35 18.14 Hysol Adhesive 1C Chemical resistant, high viscosity, temperature resistant white paste epoxy adhesive/sealant is used to bond, seal and repair a range of materials. Item # Description 1+ 620 Retaining Compound 1+ L1373425 4 oz. Epoxy Kit $ 8.83 Item # Description 46551 1/3 oz. Bottle $ 20.74 Depend 331 Adhesive Tak Pak 444 Instant Adhesive Slip fit, high temperature (450°F), high viscosity liquid provides strength of over 3800 psi on steel. Locks and secures metal cylindrical assemblies of up to .015" diameter. Prevents metal fretting and corrosion while sealing against leakage. Item # Description 1+ Designed for bonding close-fitting metal substrates, magnets and pre-coated sheet metal with excellent resistance to high temperatures. Cured product provides high shear and impact strength with excellent environmental and chemical resistance. Requires Depend 7387 activator. Item # Description 1+ 62015 62040 Designed for printed circuit board assembly and repair. Gap Fill: .007". Viscosity cP: 700. Tensile Shear Strength: 3,200. Temperature Range: -65°F to 180°F. Cure Speed: Fixture - 30 sec.; Full - 24 hrs. Item # Description 1+ 10 ml Bottle 50 ml Bottle $ 14.73 $ 39.98 1057673 21088 25 ml Syringe 7387 4.5 oz. Aerosol Activator $ 28.79 $ 39.03 12292 20419 20 Gram Bottle 20 Gram Kit $ 15.12 $ 26.10 These products are regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and may be subject to surcharges if shipped by ground or by air. Some of these products are subject to other restrictions, and may not be shippable by air. These products are NONRETURNABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE.
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