31 Order Online: www.all-spec.com TidyPen Label Remover CLEANERS & AEROSOLS DeoxIT Contact Cleaner and Rejuvenator Acts as a contact cleaner, rejuvenator, conductivity enhancer and lubricant. · Dissolves oxidation and corrosion on metal surfaces · Fills in microscopic gaps and reseals surface for better contact to improve electricity flow · Reduces intermittent connections, arcing wear, and abrasion · Temperature Range: -29oF to 392oF · RoHS and VOC compliant 1+ Item # Description 1+ 31 Flux Remover C Excellent on hard to clean "no-clean" and water-based fluxes. Ultra-low surface tension for cleaning under tight fitting BGAs. Also for thru-hole boards, SMT designs, hybrid circuits, cables and connectors. Nonflammable, noncorrosive, quick drying, very little odor. Safe on plastics, residue-free. Ozonesafe, reduced VOC content. Item# Description 1+ Fast working, nonstaining citrus based Bioact solvent for quick removal of almost any sticky residue including Kapton , conductive glues and adhesives. Ozone-safe, non-toxic and biodegradable. Not safe for use on plastics. Item # Description MCCFRC Flux Remover C $ 16.04 MCCP01 15 ml TidyPen $ 6.49 SuprClean Defluxer Flux Remover VeriClean Static-safe, low-odor defluxer is highly effective on rosin fluxes with the best toxicity ratings of any solvent in its class. Optimized for ozone-safe benchtop-level defluxing and degreasing. Fast drying and non-flammable formula features Vertrel HFCs and utilizes innovative new solvents from DuPont. Compares to 1,1,1,-TCA in cleaning strength but is completely ozone-safe. Note: Test before use on plastics. 1+ Item # Description 1+ D100L-25C D100L-2DB D100L-2C D5S-6 DN5S-6N 6 ml Needle Dispenser Bottle 7.4 ml Brush Top Bottle 2 ml Squeeze Tube 5 oz Aerosol Can 5 oz Aerosol Can (NonFlammable $ 24.72 14.97 3.72 14.22 20.22 DeoxIT Val-U Series Flux Remover The Caig Laboratories DFW-V710 is a DeoxIT Val-U series flux remover aerosol in a 10 oz. can. · Ideal for cleaning and removing fluxes, light oils, waxes, greases, or silicone · Adjustable valve for usage control · Fast evaporating · 10 oz. aerosol can · Safe for use on plastics Item # Description 1+ Works great on rosin and no-clean fluxes and pastes, almost any oil or grease, and many adhesives. Melts away silicone based conformal coatings. Great toxicity ratings with almost no odor. 10 oz. aerosol. Item # Description MCCDC1 Flux Remover VeriClean $ 15.07 MCCSPR 12 oz. SuprClean Defluxer $ 19.43 Flux Remover ProClean This cleaner delivers surprisingly strong performance despite its humble ingredients. A blend of three ultra-pure water-free alcohols, it is the strongest of the alcohol-based choices. It is safer than rubbing alcohol and an excellent choice on R, RA, SA, RMA, OA fluxes and "no-cleans." Pleasant, mildly sweet aroma with excellent toxicity ratings. Medium drying. Mil-spec approved. Biodegradeable, ozone-safe and plastic safe. 12 oz. aerosol. Item# Description 1+ PowerClean High Performance Flux Remover Lead-free circuit board defluxer is ideal for heavy-duty jobs like removal of conformal coatings or degreasing metal components. Dissolves quickly and leaves no white residues. Rinses residues, dirt, moisture, dust and oxides from electronic components such as circuit boards, hybrids, connectors and soldered connections. Non-corrosive, non-flammable, ozone-safe and fast drying, solution is safe on most components, insulators and connectors. $ 10.62 Item # DFW-V710 10 oz. DeoxIT Flux Remover $ 6.72 DeoxIT Gold Contact Cleaner and Protector G5S-6 is a DeoxIT Gold contact cleaner, enhancer, and protector. · For use with plated metal surfaces · Improves conductivity and connector performance and reliability · Retains optimum signal quality · Stabilizes connections between metals · Reduces wear, abrasion, arcing, RFI, and intermittent connections · Reduces fretting and corrosion · Ideal for gold plated surfaces · Temperature range: -49°F - 464°F · 5 oz. aerosol can · RoHS and VOC compliant Item # Description 1+ MCCPRO ProClean Flux Remover Anti-Stat Micro-Freeze MCCPW210A 10 oz. Aerosol PowerClean II Flux Remover Description $15.88 1+ DeoxIT DustALL Aerosol Duster HFC-based, "drop-in" ozone-safe freeze spray designed for use with all electronics. Used to locate thermal intermittent components, test for trace continuity, and provide heat sink protection during soldering and desoldering. Item # Description 1+ G5S-6 GN5S-6N DeoxIT Gold Contact Cleaner $ 20.22 Non-Flammable Contact Cleaner 23.97 Perfect for dusting keyboards, computers or work surfaces. · Contains bitterant to help discharge inhalent abuse · Contains 152a propellant · RoHS and VOC compliant Item # Description 1+ MCCFRZ Freeze Spray MCCFRZA 10 oz. Aerosol Can $ 8.30 8.30 www.all-spec.com Find Thousands of Additional Products Online CCS-2000 10 oz. Aerosol Duster $ 4.88
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