29 Order Online: www.all-spec.com CLEANERS & AEROSOLS Konform SR Silicone Coating This transparent silicone coating provides ideal protection for both rigid and flexible printed circuit boards. Resists moisture, salt, fungus, corrosive vapors and withstands heat generated by electronic circuitry as well as climatic temperatures. Engineered for flexibility and protection from extreme temperature and vibration damage, Konform SR features a working temperature of -85°F/-64°C to 390°F/200°C and a hig dielectric strength of 1100 volts/ mil. Meets MIL-I-46058C, Type SR, and complies with to IPC-CC-830B Class B. Contains UV tracer for easy quality control. 29 Ultrajet Dusters · · · · · · Biggest blast available Safe on plastics Nonflammable Extra cleaning strength Ozone safe 100% ultra-pure HFC134a Konform Acrylic Coating Clear acrylic coating prevents arcing shorts and also provides a hard durable protective barrier against humidity, salt, corrosive vapors and fungus. Increases the life of electronic products and will not discolor over time under normal use. Features a working temperature from -75°F/-59°C to 270°F/132°C and high dielectric strength of 8300 volts/mil. Provides excellent acid resistance. Easily repairable. Contains UV tracer for easy quality control. Meets MIL-I-46058C: Type AR, and complies to IPC-CC-830B Class B. Item # Description 1+ ES1620 ES1020 These high-pressure dusters remove dirt, dust, and dry contaminants without scratching delicate surfaces. The dusters are nonflammable, residue free, contain 100% 1, 1, 1, 2-tetrafluoroethane (HFC134a) and are compatible with most materials including sensitive plastics and compounds. The Ultrajet All-Way Duster (ES1620) can be sprayed in any direction without the risk of dispensing a liquid spray that can freeze or damage sensitive surfaces. It lets you clean at any angle, even upside down, with the biggest blast of any duster. Item # Description 1+ CTAR-12 11.5 oz Aerosol $ 23.04 Item # Description 1+ Electro-Wash PX Extra-strength Universal cleaner degreaser. · Safe on plastics · Flammable · Extra cleaning strength · Ozone safe, CFC/HCFC free · Dries fast · Cleans hard-to-reach areas · Removes organic and ionic soils · May be used in cold dip and rinsing applications Contains no CFCs, evaporates instantly, is non-corrosive and safe for most surfaces. Formulated to quickly penetrate and remove encrusted dirt, grease and fluxes (R, RMA, RA and synthetic). Ideal for use with electronic and electrical equipment including PC boards, contacts, controls, and motors. Leaves no residue. Item # Description 1+ CTSR-12 10 oz Aerosol $ 30.00 Chemask Temporary Solder Mask Peelable temporary agent dries in 30 minutes. Latex material works with flux systems and is stable with cleaning solvents. Can be used as a protective mask during conformal coating processes for switches, pins, posts, contacts and edge connections. · Chemask LF (CFL8) is formulated for protecting contacts during leadfree soldering · Chemask HV (CHV8) is a thicker coating to prevent seeping through thru-holes · Chemask NA (CNA8) will not affect gold, copper, nickel, silver and OSP finishes Item # Description 1+ ES1620 ES1020 ES1015 8 oz. Ultrajet All-Way Aerosol 10 oz. Ultrajet Precision Aerosol 10 oz. Ultrajet Duster $ 15.07 16.88 12.88 99% Pure IPA Ideal for cleaning and removing fluxes, light oils, polar soils and white mineral residue. May be used as an all-purpose cleaner or flux thinner. Improves performance while extending equipment life. Ozone-safe solution evaporates quickly with no residue. Safe on plastics, flammable. ES1210 Item # Description 1+ 12.5 oz. Electro-Wash PX $ 19.08 ES3205 ES105 ES505 32 oz Bottle 1 Gallon Container 5 Gallon Container $ 9.94 22.34 98.97 Flux-Off Lead Free The powerful flux remover for high-temperature, lead-free flux removal. · Engineered for removing high temperature, lead free flux · Can also be used for Tin/Lead fluxes · Flammable · Ozone Safe · Evaporates quickly without leaving residue · RoHS compliant · Size: 12 oz. aerosol Formulated specifically for lead free flux removal, this product is ideal for removing heat-degraded flux. CM8 CHV8 CNA8 CLF8 Fast Curing 8 oz Bottle High Viscosity 8 oz Bottle Non-Ammoniated Mask 8 oz Bottle Lead-Free Mask 8 oz Bottle $ 13.99 17.83 10.10 17.50 Flux-Off Rosin Plastic safe flux remover for cleaning rosin and rosin-based no-clean flux. · · · · · · Safe on plastics Flammable Ozone safe, CFC/HCFC free Dries fast Leaves no residue Removes flux from hard-to-reach areas Freez-It & Freez-It Antistat High performance, pinpoint accurate freeze spray for isolating individual components on PC boards. · · · · Safe on plastics Nonflammable Ozone safe CFC, HCFC free Pinpoint spray isolates individual components without freezing surrounding areas · ES1051 features an anti-static formulation ideal for use on static sensitive components · 10 oz. Item # Description 1+ Low surface tension quickly penetrates and removes harmful residues in tight-tolerance areas. Ideal for use on SMD pads, relays, chip carriers and PC boards. Leaves no residue. Item # Item # Description 1+ ES1035 Description 10 oz. Flux-Off Rosin $ 14.16 1+ ES1697 ES197 12 oz. Aerosol Flux-Off Lead Free $ 14.77 1 Gallon Flux-Off Lead Free 62.69 ES1050 ES1051 10 oz. Freez-It 10 oz. Freez-It Antistat $ 17.10 18.93 These products are regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and may be subject to surcharges if shipped by ground or by air. Some of these products are subject to other restrictions, and may not be shippable by air. These products are NON-RETURNABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE.
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