25 Order Online: www.all-spec.com SOLDERING & REWORK Static-Dissipative PLCC Extractor 25 Shercon Masking Discs Item # Description 1-11 12+ 2371 PLCC Lifter $ 15.42 14.85 Universal Extractor Tool for all PLCCcomponents (20 - 124 pins). Stainless steel hooks, hardened. Self-opening with spring. Non-overlapping, dissipative plastic handles. Very easy and safe handling: Insert hooks at the socket corners, squeeze handles. These universal PLCC extraction tools extract a range of PLCC sizes from 20 - 84 pins from any socket without damage to the chip. EX-5 features ESDsafe handles for use on all static safe components and machined stainless steel for long life. The spring loaded one-hand design requires no pulling, just squeeze the handles and the chip is lifted from the socket. Item # Description 1+ PLCC Extractors EX-6 Kapton Kapton film (amber) masking discs with silicone adhesive on clear, easy release liner. Flame and chemical resistant. Withstands 400o F and short exposure to 700o F. Use as solder wave maskant and electrical insulation. 2.8mil thick. PRICES PER ROLL Item # Diam. 3 EX-5 ESD PLCC Extractor $ 19.00 EX-6 PLCC Extractor 9.64 PLCC Extractor The extractor series is made up of tools specifically designed to perform the removal of PLCC type integrated circuits from the socket. The tool applies even force to prevent damage to the component during removal. The PLCC-44 removes 44 pin PLCCs from a socket. Qty/Roll 1-20 21+ KD125-K KD187-K KD250-K KD375-K /8" /16" 1 /4" 3 /8" 1 2000 2000 2000 2000 $ 12.15 16.20 19.98 27.00 11.70 15.60 19.24 26.00 Conformal Coating Polyester clear film masking discs with green silicone adhesive. Serves as protective maskant against mild caustic or acid bath etchants. Ideal for conformal coating applications. 2.5mil thick. Clear, easy release liner. PRICES PER ROLL Item # Diam. Qty/Roll 1-20 21+ Item # Description 1+ PLCC-44 44 Pin Extractor $ 39.03 KD125-CC KD187-CC KD250-CC KD312-CC KD375-CC KD500-CC /8" /16" 1 /4" 5 /16" 3 /8" 1 /2" 1 3 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 $ 13.68 18.14 22.61 25.58 30.01 44.86 13.17 17.47 21.78 24.64 28.90 43.20 Tip Cleaning Wire & Holder Omnivise Board Holder Visit www.all-spec.com to see our full line of masking discs, including Water Soluble, Solder Wave, Conformal Coating, Hi-Temp & Polyimide styles. Color Inspection Arrows Colorful inspection arrows identify and color-code action areas. Use for repair identification, quality control inspection, and production assembly drawings. Can be permanently affixed or repositioned. Removes without adhesive residue. Won't fade, dry out, curl, lift or become brittle. Specify color. 1000 ARROWS PER ROLL. PRICES PER ROLL Item# Color 1-48 STANDARD COLORS: 20zv Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, White, Blue $ 3.47 30zv Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, White, Blue 3.47 FLUORESCENT COLORS: 20zfe Red, Yellow, Pink, Green 30zfe Red, Yellow, Pink, Green 3.47 3.47 Style 20 3 1 /16" /8" The Hakko 599B tip cleaning wire is made from coils of brass. It cleans without water! Simply plunge (stab) the iron tip into the coils to clean the tip. The wire is softer than the tip plating yet harder than the oxidation that forms on the tip. It will not reduce the tip temperature. A great alternative to the conventional damp sponge. May be used as a portable tool holder and cleaner. Item # Description 1+ The Omnivise holds boards easily, safely and securely. Its unique design allows 360o use. A great alternative board holder. Style 30 1 3 /16" /4" 599-029 Cleaning Wire Only 599B-02 Cleaning Wire & Holder $ 4.34 8.81 Item # Description 1+ C1390C Omnivise Board Holder $ 55.40
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