24 24 24 FUME EXTRACTION Call: 1-800-537-0351 Call: 1-800-537-0351 · · Fax: 1-800-379-9903 Fax: 1-800-379-9903 TOOLS Benchtop Smoke Absorbers Benchtop Smoke Absorber SA-91 SA-9-115 SA-9-E115 Designed to divert and absorb smoke generated by fumes in the workplace. The powerful fan filters and traps 80% of the noxious fumes creating a safer and healthier environment. The aerodynamic hood design effectively draws irritating fumes away from the work area. All models have an airflow of 105 CFM and a grill behind the filter to protect fingers and tools from the fan blade. Model SA-91 and SA-91-E (ESD-safe versions) system's are designed for work stations that allow a minimum of bench space. Its articulating arm and detachable head adjust easily to accommodate all work stations. The SA-9-115 and SA-9-E115 (ESD-safe versions) are the benchtop models. Item # Description 1+ The Hakko FA400-04 is an ESD-Safe tabletop smoke absorber. Features: · Can be operated standing up or laying down in a low profile position · Low profile position provides approximately 2-1/2 times the airflow and efficiency · ESD-safe by design and is made of ESD-Safe materials · The A1001 activated carbon filter absorbs up to 80% of the odors from the air Item# SA-9-115 SA-9-E115 SA-91 SA-91-E SAF-1 Benchtop Fume Absorber ESD-Safe Benchtop Fume Absorber Fume Absorber w/Arm ESD-Safe Fume Absorber w/Arm Replacement Filter for SA-9-115 & SA-9-E115 $ 84.71 102.94 191.36 212.63 17.04 Benchtop Smoke Absorber FA-430 Volume Fume Extractor Quietly extracts contaminants and returns purified air to the surrounding area. Features high, medium and low airflow adjustment modes with two filters located inside the unit. Includes pre-filter constructed of treated polyester material to remove coarse particles, subsequently extending life of the main HEPA filter. Provides filter efficiencies greater than 98% at 0.3 microns. · Power consumption:120W · Maximum air flow · One port: 145 CFM · Two ports: 167 CFM · Noise level: 44-53 dB @ 1m Volume Fume Extractor Exhaust Arm Kit w/Rectagular Nozzle C1572 Exhaust Arm Kit w/Round Nozzle A1585 Pre-Filter 10/pack A1586 HEPA/Gas Filter 999-245 Carbon Odor Filter 99920502B Loc Line Rectangular Nozzle Kit FA-430 C1571 Item # Description FA400-04 A1001 Smoke Absorber Filters for FA400-04 5/pack Description $ 70.37 23.93 1+ Fume Extractor This ESD-safe benchtop smoke absorber is great for workspaces using more active fluxes with lead-free solder. The carbon activated filter removes flux fumes from the workbench. The stand allows the smoke absorber to be adjusted to varying angles. The fan is quiet and will not add significant noise to the workplace. Replacement filters sold separately. Item# $ 581.32 135.01 135.01 17.14 102.11 193.97 145.33 1+ WSA350 WSA350F Smoke Absorber Carbon Filters 3/pack Description $ 57.75 6.55 1+ Under Bench Fume Extractor The BVX-201 Fume Extraction System is designed mainly for solder fumes and incorporates both pre- and main filters which can be changed independently to maximise the working life of each filter and lower the total cost of ownership. The main filter has a HEPA efficiency greater than 99.5%, plus an activated carbon filter to remove additional gases. The BVX-201-KIT1 includes the BVX-201 filter unit, two 30" flexible arms, one 6' exhause hose, table brackets, and C-clamps. Item # Description 1+ BVX201KT1 BVX201 BVXARMK1 BVXARM FMBVX200 Fume Extraction Kit Fume Extractor Arm Kit with Hose & Hardware 2" x 2' ESD-Safe Exhaust Arm BVX-200 Series HEPA Filter $ 916.75 631.75 145.00 55.31 95.59 Portable benchtop system is designed to perform efficient plenum or arm fume extraction. Simply set the unit on the bench and the 12" wide plenum will allow for instant fume extraction. Requires no installation, has a small, space-saving footprint and matches the airflow of large multi-user systems. Features quiet operation and a bi-colored LED light to indicate blocked filters. Two models to choose from. Model BVX101 comes with a 99.97% efficient HEPA filter for cleanroom quality. Model BVX103 comes with a deep-bed gas filter for light-duty organic solvent and adhesive applications. Both systems offer a flow rate of 50 CFM and noise level is less than 55dB. Unit measures 11.5" H x 12" W x 9" D and weighs 20 lbs. Operates on 90-264VAC, 47-440Hz. Item# BVX101 BVX103 Description Fume Extractor, Pre-HEPA-Gas Fume Extractor, Pre-Gas $ 522.50 522.50 1+
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