13 Order Online: www.all-spec.com SOLDERING & REWORK Little Dandy Soldering Irons 13 Industrial Grade Soldering Irons These industrial grade soldering irons from American Beauty permit operators to work at a more comfortable distance from their application. Featuring a wide variety of wattage and temperature ranges, these versatile irons are ideal for any production style application. Item # 3125-60 3125-75 3138-100 3138-150 3158-200 3178-300 60 Watt Soldering Iron 75 Watt Soldering Iron 100 Watt Soldering Iron 150 Watt Soldering Iron 200 Watt Soldering Iron 300 Watt Soldering Iron Description $ 66.12 $ 66.12 $ 97.51 $ 97.51 $ 135.00 $ 172.55 1+ 100W MiniPOT Solder Pot Industrial Solder Pots The American Beauty line of Little Dandy lightweight soldering irons are ideal for soldering electrical and electronic connections, and are appropriate for light to intermediate sheet metal and leaded glasswork. Comes with stand & tip. Item # 3110-25 3110-30 3110-35 3112-40 3112-50 3112-60 25 30 35 40 50 60 Description Watt Watt Watt Watt Watt Watt Soldering Soldering Soldering Soldering Soldering Soldering Iron Iron Iron Iron Iron Iron $ $ $ $ $ $ 49.45 49.45 49.45 56.19 56.19 56.19 1+ Industrial Capacity Resistance Soldering System 2.5oz capacity general purpose solder pot tins most small parts and wires, with integrated voltage control for rapid thermal ramp-up and even temperature regulation. Grey cast iron crucible is chemically stable and highly resistant to corrosion. Five-minute heating time with a temperature range of 400°F ­ 850°F. Item # MP-9 Description 100W MiniPOT Solder Pot $ 112.38 · Tins the ends of stranded wire leads · Pre-tins small electrical parts · Re-tins soldering iron tips · Dip solders small printed circuit boards · Reliable control of solder temperature in inclement environments Item # Description 1+ Price These American Beauty industrial solder pots are for general use and are lead-free compatible. Features a dross skimmer and adjustable thermostat. Available in 300 or 600 watt models. Plier style industrial capacity system ensures accurate, trustworthy solder joints. Recommended applications include sweat soldering thin wall copper tubing up to 1½" outer diameter, large scale rebuilds, lugs, posts, motor stator segments, heavy AWG wire processing connections and applications where significant heat shrinking is a problem. Includes 1800W power unit, heavy-duty carbon plier handpiece (10587), and high wattage footswitch. Item # Light Capacity Resistance Soldering System AB300 AB600 1 lb Capacity Solder Pot 2.5 lb Capacity Solder Pot $ 247.95 $ 278.40 10505 1800W Resistance Soldering System 10587 Pliers Handpiece Description $ 996.15 330.60 Price Industrial Capacity Resistance Soldering System Available in both tweezer and plier handpiece styles, soldering system is recommended for wire processing, terminations, fiber optics, standard multi-pin connectors, electrical and electronics work, small assemblies, PCB components and prototyping. Includes 205W power unit, handpiece, and footswitch. Tweezer style light capacity system is ideal for micro miniature setups, wire processing, terminations, small assemblies, multi-pin connectors, PCB components and prototyping. Includes 100W power unit (105A3), tweezer handpiece and footswitch. Item # Item # 10501 100W Resistance Soldering System $ 351.63 105A3 100W Resistance Soldering Power 224.75 Unit Description Price 10502 250W Tweezer Style Resistance Soldering System 10506 250W Plier Style Resistance Soldering System Description $ 411.80 434.28 Price
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